Blaine Spring League Week 6

Monday, May 16, 2022 at Lincoln Park in Blaine, Washington
Disc golf singles tournament

About this tournament

- League will run for 7 consecutive weeks on Monday nights from 4/11-5/23

- If divisions do not have at least 5 participants at an event, they will be combined with the next division up (MP40 will combine with MA1) for WEEKLY PAYOUTS ONLY. Division points and standings will still be added to league standings, even if there are fewer players.

-League Points: Players will earn (1+n) points per completed round where "n" is the number of players in their division for that round that they scored better than.

- Daily Schedule is posted, we might push it later halfway through depending on daylight and players input.

- Buy in Breakdown ($10)
- $5 to Weekly Payout
- $3 to League Payout
- $1 to Ace Pot (if none hit, rolls into league payout)
- $0.50 to PDGA Fees
- $0.50 to M2G Disc Golf for future events, CTPs, etc.

-Sponsors: I am working on getting individual rounds sponsored for CTPs and prizes in addition to cash payout, I will update this list as that changes!
4/11 - Whatcom Disc Golf Club
4/18 - M2G Disc Golf (Thoughtspace Athletics, WhaleSacs)
4/25 - Cosmic Games
5/2 - Pacific Building Center in Blaine
5/9 - Infinite Discs
5/16 - Ladies Night
5/23 - Stone's Throw Brewery

Refund policy

M2G Disc Golf is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.

Full refunds (minus paypal fees) up to noon the day of the event
After noon on the day of the event refunds will not be allowed


Final Results

1Josh Morris54547.00$20
2Jason Einfeld55556.00$10
3Jesse Krause57575.00$5
4Josh Fitts58584.00
4Robert Orlick58584.00
6Zac Dubel59592.00
7Emilio Mondragon61611.00
Pro 40+
1Nick Sanchez56567.00$20
2Brandon Essy62626.00$5
2Scot Ranney62626.00$5
4Ryan Klassen64644.00
5Andy Salkield69693.00
6Milo Omi73732.00
7Jesse Sturgis76761.00
1Tristian Kellar565610.00$20
2Joe Olmstead58589.00$15
3Kyle Miller60608.00$10
4Dylan Meenk61617.00$5
5Captain Clark62626.00
6Chris Lowe63635.00
7Camden Burgess64644.00
8Nic Hoogerhyde66663.00
9Cody Lindquist69692.00
10Koy Sterk75751.00
1Dylan Kitterman595917.00$25
2Mark Henry616116.00$15
3Jesse South626215.00$15
4Brodie Whitcomb636314.00$10
5Bryan Heald646413.00$5
5Jack Stewart646413.00$5
7Kolby Wynne656511.00$5
8Daryl Einfeld666610.00
8Drew Oetgen666610.00
8Gabe Gonzalez666610.00
11Matt Gegner67677.00
12Josh Isenhour68686.00
12Pino Says68686.00
14Kris Sommers69694.00
15Jamison Orr70703.00
16Adam Piercy71712.00
17Dennis Wiebe74741.00
1Marc Rodriguez66668.00$20
2Kellen Oetgen67677.00$10
3Colin Coate70706.00$5
3Felix Rodriguez70706.00$5
5Alex Turner74744.00
6Caleb Johnson75753.00
7Damon Higgins76762.00
8Paul Minckler80801.00
Advanced Women
1Laurin Orlick77772.00$15
2Corey Gerberdolan82821.00$5
Intermediate Women
1Daisey James66665.00$20
2Kimberley Scott74744.00$10
3Hannah Kellar75753.00$10
4Carissa Erickson79792.00$5
5Trish B82821.00$5
Recreational Women
1Jody Lowell70705.00$20
2Mel Vargo79794.00$10
3Rachel Glass80803.00$10
4Shilair Lowe84842.00$5
5Kara Vargo91911.00$5
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