2019 Pittsburgh Flying Disc MVP Circuit Challenge

Saturday, August 17, 2019 at Knob Hill Park in Warrendale, Pennsylvania
Disc golf singles tournament

2019 Pittsburgh Flying Disc MVP Circuit Challenge graphic


Tournament Directorbryan "gybow" bowman
Chris Mottinger
Jesse Holeczy

About this tournament

Join us for a sweet players pack and fun round of birdie bash at Knob Hill!

We'll play from red tees since it is birdie bash and we'll all be using new discs. Ace Pot, CTP with prizes, and of course some fun and games. Maybe even a macro mini-tourney if people want to.

2019 Player’s Pack:
MVP Atom in Cosmic Electron Medium Plastic
Axiom Pyro in Prism Neutron Plastic
Streamline Trace in Neutron Plastic
MVP Drawstring Bag
MVP Events Scorecard
MVP Pencil
MVP Metal Mini Driver
Fusion Glow Stick
MVP Wristband

About the Player’s Pack Discs:

MVP Atom in Cosmic Electron Medium Plastic:
First MVP Putter in Cosmic Electron Medium Plastic!
Low profile, reserved glide, and straight flights
New spectrum of color combinations
Speed 3 | Glide 3 | Turn -0.5 | Fade 0

Axiom Pyro in Prism Neutron Plastic:
The debut of the Axiom Pyro Midrange in the all-new Prism Neutron Plastic!
14.5 mm Overstable Midrange Driver with grippy Neutron Core and ultra durable Proton rim
Defining flight characteristic is overstability with more glide than the MVP Deflector
Speed 5 | Glide 4 | Turn 0 | Fade 2.5

Streamline Trace in Neutron Plastic:
Streamline’s first appearance in the Circuit Challenge!
Straight to stable controllable Distance Driver
Speed 11 | Glide 5 | Turn -1 | Fade 2

Refund policy

Event Coordinator (TD) is responsible for all cancellations or refund requests.


Knob Hill Park
Warrendale, PA   Get Directions

Final Results

1Chrissy Sines9.00
2Jessica Schrock3.00
3Kassandra Scott2.00
4Logan Gilardi1.00
5Jessica Marino
5Parker Cloutier
1Luke Smith32.00
2Chris Lutz31.00
3Dane OBrien29.00
4Zach Dahm28.00
5Dan Ruby27.00
6Brian Anna26.00
6Bryan “gybow” Bowman26.00
6Snake Sears26.00
9Doug Cloutier25.00
9Joseph Zachary Guiciardi25.00
11Shawn Welker24.00
12Matthew Burdy23.00
12Zeke Villarreal23.00
14Kevin Sulia22.00
15Brian Kelley21.00
15Cameron Weber21.00
15Clint Sines21.00
15Dustin Schrock21.00
15Greg Haag II21.00
15John Benkart21.00
15Richard McClinsey21.00
22Chris Mottinger20.00
22Jacob Hamberger20.00
22Jeff Stanek20.00
22Kenneth Midgley Jr20.00
26Alex Wetzler19.00
26Dan Ziober19.00
26Darius Becker-K.19.00
26Liam Russell19.00
26Nicholas Kunz19.00
26Zach Westfall19.00
32Shawn Macas18.00
33Benjamin Darkey17.00
33Jesse Holeczy17.00
33Kevin Strell17.00
36Michael Ruby16.00
37Kevin Sines15.00
38Dillon Miller14.00
39Aaron Killmeyer14.00
39Jennifer Johnstone14.00
41Cody Allen13.00
42Kevin Olness12.00
42Max Doran12.00
42Travis Jones12.00
45Jared Weihaus11.00
45Kevin Cloutier11.00
48Kyle Marino10.00
48Shane T Bump10.00
50James Lohry9.00
50Jonathan Meinert9.00
50Kyle Ketchesin9.00
53Christian Darkey5.00
53Susan L Guiciardi5.00
55Annie Hawks3.00
56Justin Smith
1Mike Bump
1Nicholas Midgley
1Zachary Moan