Jamie Lepley

Pennsylvania, USA Righty - backhand

Jamie's aces

Jamie has posted 9 aces.
Picture of Hole_5 Hole 5 on Boulder Woods at Gifford Pinchot State Park · Lewisberry, PA
February 25, 2023
$24 cash
Picture of Hole_5 Hole 5 at Adventure Park · Mechanicsburg, PA
September 15, 2017
Picture of Hole_1 Hole 1 at Adventure Park · Mechanicsburg, PA
December 13, 2015
Picture of Hole_8 Hole 8 at Adventure Park · Mechanicsburg, PA
November 11, 2015
$23 cash
Picture of Hole_7 Hole 7 at Coyote Hills · Carlisle, PA
July 8, 2013
$182 cash
Picture of Hole_3 Hole 3 at Coyote Hills · Carlisle, PA
May 14, 2012 with a Elite Z Wasp
1 witness
Here's the story, First throw ever with this disc. Drained the Ace. The following week i threw the disc for the second time on this same hole. Bounce beside the basket, over the edge of the hill into the stream( the stream is 2 ft wide and less than 6 inches deep). We searched for about 30 minutes and could not find the disc. I cam back the next day and searched for another hour, still no disc. On November 3rd, almost 6 months later it was recovered from that very stream 60 yards away. It is back home, THANK YOU FRIEDA for finding my baby.
Picture of Hole_6 Hole 6 at Willow Mill Park · Silver Spring Township, PA
June 21, 2011 with a Star Archon
2 witnesses
skimmed it off the basket lastweek. center of pole this time.
Picture of Hole_15 Hole 15 at Elizabethtown College · Elizabethtown, PA
December 5, 2010 with a Star Katana
3 witnesses
Its alot easier to put it in the hole on the first throw, than to look all over for it and tramp through briars... Im gonna just plan on doing that each time....
Picture of Hole_2 Hole 2 at Red Land High School · Lewisberry, PA
July 17, 2009 with a Star Valkyrie
8 witnesses
The Disc when right on the line it was to go on, it just went about 30 feet longer than usual.
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