Mike "Papa Par" Even  › Independence Lake County Park   November 13, 2010 at 9:34pm

When I originally went & played the Red Tee's earlier this week, my caddy was being a bit of a grump so I had to cut it short. But I came back out Han Solo this morning to review this course Proppa.

The Red Tee's @ Chuck D offer a nice challenge for the newer player or for someone that is a first timer at Indy. Most the holes are a blow out for the seasoned player, but IMO still offer a decent challenge on a number of holes for us. I like a number of the tees and how they are positioned. Hole 3 is near the old White tee, so it's a good distance from the pin. Same goes for Hole 5, and with a section of trees scattered in the middle, you still have to play smart. Hole 6 is probably my least favorite positioned tee. Pretty much an easy deuce, even for the noob. Hole 10 has always been a good hole and off setting to the left of the White tee, continues to offer that challenge shot. I like hole Hole 11 was up, but it was maybe a little too close. I also liked how Hole 17 was tucked into the woods, making you throw straight to come out. All and all a good time, no matter what level of player you are. This is a great way to warm up if you are a seasoned player, getting you nice & loose for either the white or blacks. Cheers