Foz Miller  › Disc Golf League Association   October 29, 2010 at 10:43pm

Jake - Thanks and I agree with your desire and motivation. The question on this topic, from many discussions in the past, came down to balancing the very active players with not so active players; new players and those who have very busy schedules. How do you define a PS so it encourages more play but does not discourage those who wish they could but are limited in how often then can play. "If I can only play 1 or 2 times and others are able to get points for 3-4 rounds a week then I might as well not even be a part of this". The best solution was let those who play often keep the best two rounds so there is motivation and some advantage to playing as many rounds as possible while the majority of players can get 1 to 2 rounds in a week - no perfect solution but the best compromise we could devise so far. Always looking for new ideas....

I have to keep reminding myself that to reach the highest potential of players we have to have a "LEAGUE" mindset versus a "Tournament" mindset which is different than what has been happening in the sport up to now - with respect to events. Most experienced players have been playing and dreaming about what makes the best tournament and "we" are focused on what will bring out the most players and encourage them to keep playing, with many playing tournaments as a natural progression or to experience that aspect of the sport.

I like the feedback and any ideas to improve on this concept of finding a balance to offer more to all level of players. It is almost impossible to be all things to all level of players but that is our quest. What we have is the best we have found so far and we are always looking at how to improve.