David Gascon  › Leverich 2x9   Sticky August 28 at 7:07pm

Thank you to NADGT for allowing this event to be ran on the same day as their A Tier event. MA1 and MA2 players are at capacity, but please register for their event on 9/25/2021.

Joe Coulter   August 30 at 5:30pm

will you open up spots for these divisions if others don't fill up? Or will you have a waitlist available?

David Gascon   August 31 at 3:46am

Not for this event. It’s a long story, but there’s already an A Tier event happening the day of our tournament that we’re recommending MA1 and 2 players sign up for. In the future I will be sure to have MA1/2 divisions open, this is just a fluke.

Joe Coulter   August 31 at 5:07am

okay, understand. Its hard to get down to the other tournament when we share one car. Where as I can Uber/Lyft to Leverich. Was really hoping to play this tournament.

Kit Clement   August 31 at 5:38am

Additionally, many might not be able to make it for 2 days (or just don't want to), where this is just one day. Seems like this tournament got strong-armed into closing divisions, which seems rather silly for a different enough event over an hour away from this one.

Joe Coulter   August 31 at 6:13pm

Yeah, I agree. It is hard to get away for a two day tournament, especially when it is an hour south. Wish NADGT would let this one play out. And very different event. The people playing at the NADGT are probably qualifying for Nationals.

Zac Teuscher   September 2 at 10:25am

Pretty sad to read these comments. So you all know... the mistake was made by the Washington State PDGA Coordinator, John Anderson,. This event should have never been approved in the first place.

Zac Teuscher   September 2 at 10:26am

Also... you're welcome!

Joe Coulter   September 2 at 8:56pm

Zac - I 100% understand the mistake was made on the Washington PDGA side. However, by limiting the number of players in MA1/MA2 to such small amounts is really quite disheartening. This sport is growing at a fast pace. Not every player can take two days away from home/work to play in a tournament, e ... more

Aaron Hursey   September 3 at 4:55pm

Pretty sad to read your condescending comments @Zac Teuscher on this board. Additionally sad that you're throwing someone else under the bus even though it was a 'mistake' - as you pointed out.

David Gascon   September 3 at 5:59pm

Let’s just end the debate because it’s not going anywhere. I’m going to be delaying all comments after this one about this. It’s a less than ideal situation but everyone (me John Zac and anyone else involved) will make sure it doesn’t happen again. No ones perfect but we’ll all grow from it.