2023 Upstate Disc Golf Club Summer League

May - July 2023 • Powdersville, South Carolina
Singles league
This league has ended.
No upcoming league rounds are scheduled.


Jul 31, 2023 · Top scores
Dolly Cooper Park
Regular Tees, 18 holes
Beskar (>907 Rated)
-13 41
Clay Allen$13
-6 48
Chris West$8
-5 49
Parker Wright
-4 50
Cory Sharp
Platinum (882-907 Rated)
-4 50
Chris Bradley$9
-4 50
Anthony Keaton$9
-4 50
Patrick Broderick$9
-3 51
Cole Stegall
Gold (856-881 Rated)
-5 49
Austin Rose$11
-3 51
Connor Brown$7
-2 52
Nathan Flounders
-2 52
Austin Henderson
Silver (830-855 Rated)
E 54
Angel Green$13
+1 55
Angel Lopez$8
+2 56
Brandon Galloway
+3 57
Matthew L Blackmon
+3 57
Paul Rivard
+3 57
Matthew Ard
Bronze (<830 Rated)
-1 53
Steven Conti$18
E 54
Quinn Smedra$9
Overall standings
Beskar (>907 Rated)
1Christian Davidson4954
2Clay Allen4851
3Michael Achee4825
4Chris West4820
Platinum (882-907 Rated)
1Cory Lewis4722
2Anthony Keaton4681
3Alexander Delorme4666
4Jonathan Hurst4634
Gold (856-881 Rated)
1Austin Rose4645
2Jeremiah Gilbert4538
3Connor Brown4489
4Nathan Flounders4387
Silver (830-855 Rated)
1Judah Gilbert4604
2Colton Evatt4412
3Angel Green4371
4Matthew L Blackmon4301
Bronze (<830 Rated)
1Tyler Bronson4287
2Quinn Smedra4230
3Steven Conti4179
4Matthew Baustert4156
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Leaderboard updated 8/1/23

About this League

Singles league - 123 all-time players - 0 active players
$6.00 player fee each session
$1.00 ace pool entry
Entry fee is $6 each week. Upstate Disc Golf Club members get a $1 discount. $1 optional ace pool weekly. $1 optional CTP pool weekly. Players will be divided into divisions based on their rating for the purpose of standings and payouts. Event results will be reported to PDGA as MA1 or MPO. (MPO should only be used if a player cannot legally be reported as MA1 due to their Pro status and rating being 970 or higher. $1 of each weekly round goes to PDGA required fees. $1 of each weekly entry ...
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League News

Gabe Brown   July 11 at 5:07pm

Divison Realignment after Ratings Update

Divisions have been realigned after today's rating change. Obviously, payouts from before the ratings update did not change, so payouts in each division look a little funky with the reorganization. This should be the last rating realignment before the league ends.


Gabe Brown   June 13 at 5:10pm

Ratings Day Realignment

Divisions were re-aligned after PDGA ratings hit today. Payouts from week 4 were determined based on your division on Monday, not the division you are now in (if it is different).


Gabe Brown   May 29 at 1:54pm

Division Changes for Unrated Players

I realigned divisions after week 1 for players that came in with no rating. I will continue to monitor performance to see if future adjustments are necessary.


Gabe Brown   May 23 at 9:43pm

Division Points

I have setup the league tracking here to add the top 5 ratings from all 10 league rounds to determine your league points. If this works as I believe it will, you will know where you stand in final league standings as soon as we put in each week's results.


Gabe Brown   May 23 at 8:37am

Week 1 Hot Round and Ace!

Christian Davidson delivers a stellar performance in week 1 with a 1037 rated round and an ace on hole 11. He takes down the early ace pot for $24.

Gabe Brown   May 23 at 9:53am

Keaton Hubbard took down the CTP on hole 15.

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