Tilton Park

Sunapee, New Hampshire     1 course · 9 holes     Driving directions

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-  +1 votes  + Zibba Zabba › May 4, 2015
FREE! Good practice course....small with a couple challenging woods holes. Field holes are somewhat short par 3 and under. Good parking. Did I say FREE! best time to hit this is in late spring after field dries out(gets spongy and wet) and grasses are matted down so you can locate those errant throws. Later in summer fairways are mowed narrowly so keep an eye out where your discs go! Biting Black Flies rule from Mothers Day to Fathers Day and then mosquitoes take over so you may want to pa ...
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-  +0 votes  + Matt Anstey › August 29, 2013
this is not really a dg course. it is 9 holes in a field. the baskets are high quality and its free. good for warm up round
-  +0 votes  + Tim Kimball › November 24, 2013
VERY hard to figure out what basket your shooting at on a few holes.
-  +0 votes  + Steven H › May 3, 2015
Open field holes are too easy and the few that are in the woods are too hard (not enough trees taken down, you're almost guaranteed to hit at least 1 tree no matter how good you are). lol. I guess scores get balanced that way. Anyways, a few holes were difficult to navigate, but didn't give it a D or F cuz it's free, easy to get to, and a good warm-up course.
-  +0 votes  + Kevin H › July 4, 2016