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nice rip with no wind
for once no wind on 15
the run for 3.
good run.
ace run on 26
z money buzz. mofos.
the bird on hole 6.
great bird outa rough.
NAAC 2010 Part 1
Next Adventure Amateur Championship Next Adventure Amateur Championship
benson state park hole #5
66th ace walk up from tee box to basket... short hole at 157 feet kinda goofy ;) DGOD! Mega Tag
Frisbee golf2
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Frisbee golf
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Video 109124
Nick The Greek
timmbos kiddy park putt
nice shot by timmbo and ballin watch close
wife making the putt
Tully Ace
Second ace within a month :)
Disc Golf Montage-Jordan Davidson-PRO
Jordan Davidson of Knoxville, TN Disc Golf Video
Disc Golf Morningside
Disc golf Knoxville Tennessee at Morningside park.
Atlanta Open 2009 Hole 18
Last hole of the tourney up by 2 strokes. Hit the bogey band off the drive.
The Lakehouse Ace
Upnorth with Big J, a temp basket that we set up down on the beach. Its about a 300 foot shot. We throw aviar's and roc's for fun. We get to drive a ...
Skinny Driving a mini
Skinny bombing a mini at the sizzle Skinny's Summer Sizzle