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DIY disc golf basket
a 55 gallon drum and some scrap parts make a fairly nice basket!
Video 218756
Love disc golf… hate getting my disc from evil thorn bushes, tall greedy trees and reaching rivers… I make the Disc Dog Disc Grabber for myself a...
Hole 6 long "moist" tee
Putter off the moist tee
Hole 17B
Hole 17 B pin, 11x KC eagle
2014 PDGA Am Worlds Flag Parade
Flags of the 7 countries represented at this year's 2014 PDGA Am Worlds 2014 PDGA Amateur Disc Golf World Championships
Field test
MVP Switch
Field test
PHP #1 - King Of The Lake 2014
Five pros battle it out during the fifth and final round of an epic 3-day A-tier event around Lake Tahoe. Courses: Bijou: http://www.dgcourserev... King of the Lake