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Surprise ace
Playing pickerington, ohio didn't hear chains .thought it was wide left since it skimmed a tree branch. A walked down hill I got a big surprise. Thats...
Black & White Disc Golf
This video was made from the collection of shots over the last year. I found the fun shots that we had and put them together to make a cool disc golf ... Black & White Bag Tag
Bones' never-ending approach shot, hole 7, Russ Pond, GA!
Ryan Ranch Monterey, CA 01-29-12
Watch closely where my disc ends up. I couldn't believe how it landed. I did eventually get it down. 168g Echo Star Katana
David Feldberg, Nikko Locastro, and Will Schusterick playing a round @ Dexter di
Dave Feldberg, Nikko Locastro, and Will Schusterick were passing through in their tour RV and decided to play a round at Dexter DGC outside of Eugene ...
Amazing FULL Power putt for Birdie
ThePolishRifleXII hits up his home course and powers a Nuke OS into the chains. South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge
First run ace
first ace on film brittian harison
Ice Bowl 2012
This is a highlight video of the 2012 Tulsa Ice Bowl. $12,518.50 was donated to the Community Food Bank of Eastern Oklahoma along with 531 lbs. of foo...
how to ace everytime
Kicking it at Kirks: Disc Golf Trick shots
ThePolishRifleXII gets together with Kirk for a day of disc Golf trick shots on the homemade basket. South Georgia Disc Golf Association Bag Tag Challenge
Discraft Disc Golf Clinic: 5 Tips to Save 5 Strokes
Disc golf pro Brad Schick boils down his years of success into five tips that can help you trim five throws from your next round.
2-1-12 What's In The Bag
my current bag. took out some discs to minimize things and disc down a bit for the time being. will toss quasars back in someday.
Disc Golf movie
Just a video I whipped up real quick
Keizer Rapids Precast Tee Pads
5x10 Precast Tee Pads
Testing The MVP Anode Putter
Testing out the newest disc from MVP at Arboretum. The Anode is a straight flying disc that's very accurate.