Patrick Blazek

Colorado, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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Ace 3/2/11
Ace 3/17/09

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-7 48
Mar 5 '11
Fountain Hills Park · Phoenix, AZ
Memorial Championship (2010), 18 holes
-4 56
Mar 4 '11
Vista Del Camino Park · Scottsdale, AZ
Vista XL, 18 holes
-4 51
Mar 3 '11
Fountain Hills Park · Phoenix, AZ
Memorial Championship (2010), 18 holes


PDGA# 25325

Tournament Berths

PDGA Professional Disc Golf World Championships
August 1 · Slippery Rock, PA

Upcoming Tournaments

Cinco de Mayo Meltdown- Pro
May 10 · Pine, CO
PDGA C-Tier singles tournament
Pre-registered, Open division
33rd Kansas City Wide Open - A Tier
June 19 · Kansas City, MO
PDGA A-Tier singles tournament
Pre-registered, Open division


Elite Z Flick

174g - worn

Flick shots, super stable and skippy

Elite Z Force

174g - new

Long long hyzers and long open holes

Elite Z Nuke

174g - used

Long open bomb drives

Elite Z Predator

173g - worn

All kinds of hyzers, all winds

ESP Predator

173g - worn

Straighter hyzer shots

ESP Surge

174g - worn

Long straight shots, tighter fairways

Elite Z Tracker

175g - worn

Straight as an arrow shots. Great for the woods

Elite Z Buzzz

177g - new

Straight shots around 250 - 350ft

Elite Z Comet

178g - used

Straight or turnover midrange shots, this disc will hold it's line at slow speeds. Great for touch shots

Limited Edition FLX Drone

176g - new

Stable Stable mid range shots 150ft - 300ft and windy days

ESP Meteor

177g - beat

Fast turnovers that need to glide forever 250ft - 350ft

Pro D Challenger

174g - beat

Putting and Upshots inside of 200ft

Pro D Magnet

174g - beat

Straight and turn over upshots or really long putts

ESP Zone

174g - new

Super stabe putter upshots. 100ft - 250ft

Favorite clubs

Favorite courses

Beaver Ranch · Conifer, CO