21st Annual Live Oak Summer Open (HOTT Qualifier) Presented by The City of Live Oak

PDGA logoFri-Sun, May 3-5, 2024 at Live Oak Hillside in Live Oak, Texas
A-tier · PDGA-sanctioned singles tournament

21st Annual Live Oak Summer Open (HOTT Qualifier) Presented by The City of Live Oak graphic
Added cash $6,000
Added merchandise $1,500


Tournament DirectorJay Almaguer
Tournament Organizer Amy Monahan
Assistant TDDebby Anders

About this tournament

21st Annual Live Oak Summer Open Presented by the CITY OF LIVE OAK!

PDGA A-Tier with $6k Added Cash to Open and $1.5k added merch to Amateur.

3 Day Tournament,1 Round/Day with Tee Time, May 3-5, 2024

CADDY BOOK LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GaHbGp9TkUaP7heUkr3mbcX7-zuHDVih/view?usp=drivesdk

LOSO Sponsorship Opportunities in link below. If interested, reach out to Debby Anders at [email redacted].

LOSO Volunteer Sign Up: https://www.discgolfscene.com/tournaments/LOSO_Volunteer_Sign_Up_2024

All Pools, Division Caps, and Tee Time Windows Subject to Change based on registration

Pools & Player Caps will be adjusted on 4/3, 4/17, 4/23 if necessary. The goal of cap adjustments is to get as many players as possible competing in the division they are registered to compete in.

Pool assignments will be updated 1 week out if needed to maximize participation for each division

Layouts posted here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1GaHbGp9TkUaP7heUkr3mbcX7-zuHDVih/view?usp=sharing

1 round/day, Fri/Sat/Sun, Tee Times

POOL A: ALL PRO DIVISIONS: Hillside/Lakeside/Hillside; 11:00am-3:00pm Estimated Tee Time Window

POOL B: MA1, MA2, MA40/, MA50, FA1: Universal City/Hillside/Lakeside; 7:30am-3:00pm Estimated Tee Time Window

POOL C: MA3: Lakeside/Universal City/Hillside; 7:30am-10:30am Estimated Tee Time Window

POOL D: MA4, MA55, MA60, MA65, MA70, FA2, FA3, FA4, FA40, FA50, all Junior Divisions: Hillside/Lakeside/Universal City; 7:30am-10:30am Estimated Tee Time Window

Host Hotel reservation info

HOTEL #1: Hilton Garden Inn San Antonio-Live Oak
Address: 8101 Pat Booker Road, Live Oak, Texas 78233
Room Rates:
$125 for a king room
$135 for a queen room
Reservation Code: Use code "LOGOLF" when booking online or over the phone.

TownePlace Suites by Marriott, Universal City/Live Oak
Address: 15510 North IH 35 * Selma, Texas 78154
$149 King
$159 Queen
Use booking Link below to book, must enter dates of the weekend for discount to populate.


The 21st Annual Live Oak Summer Open (L.O.S.O.) Disc Golf Tournament is a fantastic event for disc golf enthusiasts. The fact that it's the longest-running disc golf tournament in the San Antonio area speaks volumes about its popularity and success.

It's impressive to see the support from the City of Live Oak, and the generous sponsorship from Mint Discs, Lucky Ace Discs, and Alamo Community Disc Club. Being classified as an A-Tier event by the Professional Disc Golf Association (P.D.G.A.) in 2024 further emphasizes the significance of the tournament in the disc golf community.

The Live Oak Hillside and Live Oak Lakeside courses are well-loved by players, with over 11,000 rounds recorded annually in 2023 on the UDisc app. This highlights the growing interest and engagement in disc golf, which is one of the fastest-growing outdoor sports across the nation.

The affordability and accessibility of disc golf, along with its positive impact on health and well-being, make it an appealing option for individuals of all ages and skill levels. It's great to see how the sport not only fosters a sense of community but also contributes to the local economy.

Refund policy

Lucky Ace Discs is responsible for all refunds/cancellations.



Universal City Park
Universal City, TX   Get Directions

Final Results

PDGA results at https://www.pdga.com/tour/event/75911
1Mason Ford565552163$1,373
2Fredy Meza545358165$938
3Seth Talbott555656167$685
4Matthew Barajas565657169$578
5Sam DiCarlo565758171$470
6Kevin Pfullmann585955172$397
7Brian Dudney575958174$360
8Thomas Perks585662176$325
9Andrew Zinck605958177$269
9Henry Bente655359177$269
9Tanner McCartney595662177$269
12Blake Whitehead586159178$209
12Orlando Rios595861178$209
12Thunder Schultz615661178$209
15Kaden Sanders606059179$181
16Aaron Jordan606159180$163
16Oziel Ortega605664180$163
18Mark Lozano586361182$50
18Peyton Mansell625763182$50
18Thomas Mathson596459182$50
21Andrew Morfin646062186
22Andrew Hoyland675862187
22Randall Karshis636361187
24Logan Plake685862188
25Chris Rodriguez616761189
25Garrett Coates616563189
25Wesley McCormick626364189
25Zane Jackson655470189
29Joe Sudolcan655969193
30Coley O’Connor646368195
31Evan Coates676168196
32Daniel Gaitan686466198
33Marco Adriana686566199
34Ryan Wygant676667200
35Michael Hufschmid716667204
36Timothy Artinian696972210
37Christopher De Luna726872212
38Justin Benavidez747072216
39David Noriega767370219
40Abel Salazar6359-122
41Travis Powell6162-123
42Jason Solis7161-132
43Aaron Collins6870-138
44Austin North65--65
1Alan Janzen575462173$1,067
2Jeremy Mount615663180$703
3Keith Russom596161181$541
4Alex Aguilar596558182$418
5Jimmy Martinez626161184$310
5Kyle Jones576562184$310
7Mando Flores655862185$230
8Travis Guillen636261186$200
9Patrick Blazek636559187$179
10David Willis646364191$153
10Gunnar Jacobson616664191$153
12Thao Tang606668194
13Jeremy Farnsworth676563195
14Brandyn Beyer636670199
14John Bente686071199
16Michael Herrera636770200
17Ben Blount656571201
18Austin McNabb736564202
18Matt Graves736366202
20Charlie Stavlo687266206
21Ruben Galindo687271211
22Daniel Willis737070213
23Adam Case747072216
24Efrain Aguilar727481227
25Drew Lusk7066-136
26Karl Drake6968-137
1J.D. Ramirez606257179$812
2Jay Yeti Reading576659182$566
3Jeff Gothard636065188$381
4Michael Ynfante656367195$295
5Michael Vrba646666196$234
6Edward Palacios706367200$172
7Robert Smith716763201
8Jon Burpee676869204
9David Wingo716967207
10Zach Tate716378212
11John Cloutier717669216
12Robert Herzog707275217
13Brock Beeney827178231
14Toby Clarkson6770-137
15Eric Buford---0
1Vinnie Miller615657174$545
2Nick Osborne575463174$345
3James McCaine605662178$258
4Greg Clement625961182
4Michael Burnham616061182
4Russel Shoffner665462182
7Shannon Fosdick5759-116
1Valerie Mandujano545359166$468
2Carlea Kubicek635961183$295
3Krissie Fountain606361184$221
4Kelley Foster626467193
5Ashley Sloan6668-134
6Des Reading65--65
1Caleb Fowler525859169$346
2Peyton Foytik536063176$279
3Joshua Miller486663177$245
4Juan Ramos566163180$220
5Bryan Landis575966182$184
5Tyler Zinck576560182$184
7Cade Woolley566265183$134
7John Sabatino II516666183$134
7Mason Hagood546168183$134
7Tyler Hurst566562183$134
11Austin Hoang576464185$102
11Brooks Haney536468185$102
11Tim Donegan546170185$102
14Jauchai Pullen536865186$86
14Kevin Monahan576465186$86
16Dustin Maki576169187$76
16Felix Savala606364187$76
18Elias Farias547163188$66
18Victor Sanchez507068188$66
20Jonathan Longoria506970189
21Alec Pena556768190
21Chris Monn566470190
21Chris Reid566866190
21Zach Schneider576865190
25Hunter Barcroft596468191
25Joe Vela586667191
25Ryan Wagner586766191
28Mathew Straka596866193
29Braden Vacek576573195
29Glenn Eaton587166195
29Kenneth Richardson577068195
32Edgar Ochoa586969196
32Tyler Zurovec567070196
34Kevin De Leon576872197
35Freddy Ceja597169199
35Troy Louwerse636769199
37Colton Davis617169201
37Gabriel O’Dell577173201
39Derek Phillips647474212
40Edgar Villamil607183214
41Edward Fournier5463-117
42Markell Simmons5861-119
1Scott Hougland515754162$251
2Robert “SouthpawRob” Garza535856167$174
3David Scercy536159173$131
4Bart Miller556158174$98
5Jason SHO'NUFF Ramos626357182$72
6Brian Rodriguez566562183
7Vince Kong596660185
8J.D. Balderas636564192
9Ronald Martinez586474196
10Joel Enrique Camposeco61--61
11Bogey Brandon---0
1James Gorman556156172$243
2Scot Estep545860172$153
2Thomas Henson555958172$153
4Carlos Morales566357176$103
5David Aguirre576258177$70
5Tracy Deadman546360177$70
7Chris Colon566857181
8Craig Fraser596263184
9Charles Chapman626362187
10Jason Sloan606959188
11Mario Galindo627367202
12Wayne Donnell128--128
1Ben Delgado595957175
2Michael Mckee646356183
3Bryan Powers656160186
4Corey Peschke6062-122
5Michael Sykos74--74
1Jim Castillo576265184$71
1Henry Hogensen495657162$223
2Noah Kohl495858165$205
3Justin Rackley545854166$197
3Matthew Rydell505957166$197
5Eric Ruiz535464171$188
5Leo De La Rosa555858171$188
7Cody Vidales555958172$171
7Tanner Sedra555958172$171
9Zach Lacy565860174$171
10Michael Solis596156176$154
11Chris Dimler585861177$154
12Bryan Trahan596158178$130
12David Santellan585961178$130
12Justin Herrera565864178$130
12Russell Wander556459178$130
12Samuel Adams616057178$130
17Jonathon Landeros565964179$120
18Ernesto Gutierrez576063180$102
18Grant Jones586062180$102
18Zach Sinor566361180$102
21Luke Smith616159181$86
22Mario Sanchez546761182$77
22Marshall Kratzer596162182$77
22Tim Stritzinger586064182$77
25Patrick Vrba586659183
26Alex Campos576760184
26Greg Lange586561184
28Brad Ivey556367185
28Gabe Herod566762185
28Lawrence Alexander Mannix596363185
28Zachary Cisneros566663185
32Hector Rocha Jr606859187
32Jacob Milgrom586762187
34Andrew Stokely567260188
34Jacob Gonzalez586664188
34Seth McBeath596465188
37David Freund557064189
38Jacob Varner577162190
39Michael Phoenix576767191
40Chris Wohrer576471192
40Kolby Osborn567363192
42Sean Alonzo626962193
43Augustin Esquivel II576771195
43Rene Siller Jr616965195
45Dylon Monroy616471196
46Adrian Pena5967-126
46Clayton Coffman6066-126
46Joshua Salas6165-126
46Ricky Hernandez5967-126
50Daniel Tomas Enriquez6465-129
51Daniel Murata6771-138
52Brad Worthy63--63
1Patrick Wright535357163$225
2Esack Grueskin555361169$206
3Patrick Turner575459170$206
4Rylan Rash536059172$193
5David Kreps585362173$179
5Kyle Heiner595361173$179
7Dimas Quintana Jr565861175$165
8J Fortner575962178$151
8Jared Nugent576160178$151
8Mark Wiggins616156178$151
8Michael Larson625660178$151
12Brian Fair645760181$121
12Christopher Juarez615367181$121
12Julian Jones645958181$121
12Nathan Swanson586657181$121
16David Martinez655761183$96
17DJ Men-Yo625864184$76
17Dylan Leuck655564184$76
19Ariel Toquillas606461185$68
20Grayson Tackett666060186
21Aaron Lumbreras576565187
21Timothy Boone626164187
21William Monterrey616165187
24Benjamin Yoder586565188
25Adam Jent656262189
25Joshua Carrizales626166189
27Gresh Urbanowski616465190
28Ronnie Fox616469194
29Isaac Carrizales626766195
30Gabriel DeMiero636667196
31Gabriel Luna676567199
31Jeremy DeVere617068199
33Raymond Sabatino656768200
34David Marroquin676965201
35Chip Heiner706666202
35Jim Grueskin676966202
37Todd Siebold675581203
38Kevin Kunkel687170209
39Eduardo Mireles707172213
40Anthony Segura856777229
41Caleb Bea5561-116
42Brian Whelan6266-128
1Benjamin Blake645861183$224
2Phillip Garcia646258184$208
3Brian Hester725959190$191
4Dylan Gaddis636266191$176
5Chance Clark656463192$144
5Daniel Calvillo636861192$144
5Ryan Sanchez626466192$144
8Lee Miller676165193$112
9Andrew Gibbons656663194$96
10Jose Delarosa656665196$80
11Frank Herring696664199$25
11Jericho Jimentel637066199$25
11Joey Hart706663199$25
14Mark Graebener726464200
15Joseph Pederson766562203
15Trey Denny696470203
17Edward Mason687264204
17Richard Calkins716766204
19William Fortner666972207
20Robert Sanchez717168210
21Martin Brand727368213
22Len Mason767167214
23Christopher Briggs777568220
24Jimmy Stjohn7273-145
1Sarah Duran576964190$170
2Dominique Trahan607070200$102
3Destyne Martinez647267203
4Kelsie Sweeten727779228
1Megan Janzen707064204$165
2Rachel Sanchez688065213$99
3Stacy Hart757270217
4Lissa Villamin75--75
1Rachel Devereaux636865196$180
2Brittney Ianno686967204$134
3Ellen Starman696968206$73
3Natalie Balderas727163206$73
5Natalya Mason787163212
6Caitlin Cobb807469223
7Patti Gonzalez797881238
1Hannah Shoemaker747059203$137
2Debra Russo817471226
1Mychelle Hadley797674229$81
1Bailey Swanson107104101312$56
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