Sean O'Bryan  › Rick Petrie   April 2 at 3:23pm

Just curious if anyone turned in my bagtag?

Rick Petrie   April 2 at 5:00pm

Nobody has given it to me. Hopefully someone brings it tonight... that's one way they get back to their owners.

Sean O'Bryan   April 3 at 2:24pm

Can u message who we think has my bag tag. Played a great game last night and sucks that it couldn't be for points!

Rick Petrie   April 3 at 6:24pm

Yep. I did last night when I got home. He responded this morning saying he does have it, but is out of state until next week. He said he'll get it back ASAP.

Sean O'Bryan   April 3 at 10:29pm

I hope it's before Wednesday! thankfully he had it!

Sean O'Bryan   April 7 at 10:12am

Is there any way you can get a hold of him and see if it will b back on my bag for Wednesday?

Rick Petrie   April 7 at 1:17pm

He said he would be back. However, I understand your concern. feel free to contact him directly ...