The Abominable Snowmen (and Women) League   March 14 at 4:01pm

Current Adjusted Point Totals

Trophy contenders:

Tim Nelson 66.5 points (dropping (0, 1, 1.5, and 2 point weeks).

Mike Harrington has 64.0 points (dropping 3- 0's and a 1 point week)

Dustin Bocek has 55.0 points (dropping 3-0's and a 1 point week)

Nick Williams has 51.5 points (dropping 2-0's, a 1, and a 2 point week)

Greg Weber has 45.0 points (dropping 4-0's)

Jessie Dixon has 42.0 points (dropping 4-0's)

Greg, Jessie, and Nick are on the outside looking in and will need high attendance numbers and a great round to move into trophy contention.