The Abominable Snowmen (and Women) League   February 14 at 9:07am

Another Record was set.

Well it looks like Tim Nelson is on a hot streak. He not only had his second career ace in league in 3 weeks after a few years of no aces but he also set the new record low score after handicap of 46 (-8).

It looks like I am quickly losing my lead and depending on attendance next week I might be back a few spots.

Updated Handicaps for Week #12

Dustin Bocek (-2)

Chad Niezgoda (+3)

Tim Nelson (0)

Mike Harrington (+6)

Brad Weber (+6)

Brian Allender (+3)

Nick Williams (+1)

Josh Davies (+1)

Greg Weber (-1)

Brian Williams (-1)

Scott Slauson (+9)

Colin Huff (+3)

Shaun Kirchner (0)

Jesse Dixon (+3)

Ben Burdick (0)

Mark Olver (-3)

Sean Hosking (+2)

jesse dixon   February 14 at 9:43am

it was a beautiful ace aswell.I knew he had it pretty much when it left his hand.he destroyed the chains with his judge!!