The Abominable Snowmen (and Women) League   February 6 at 12:10am

Week #11 handicaps

Greg Weber and Dustin Bocek have a couple scorecards in case they are running behind the next two weeks while I am gone. I just ask that Greg or Dustin update Nick Williams on when they will be arriving so they can better pair up groups. You can always send me a message and I can tryt o relay it but it would be best if you just communicate together. THEN I will just need someone to collect the cards, photograph them so that they are legible and I can calculate the scores, edit them, put them on Disc Golf Scene and then re-calculate the handicaps for the upcoming week. I will keep track of how much money each individual owes or is owed based upon performance and we will settle up when I return the week of February 26th.

See you guys in a few weeks . . . I hope I don't lose all 13 points I am currently ahead of Dustin in the standings!

Updated Handicaps:

Dustin Bocek (-3)

Chad Niezgoda (+3)

Tim Nelson (-1)

Mike Harrington (+6)

Brad Weber (+6)

Brian Allender (+3)

Nick Williams (+2)

Josh Davies (+1)

Greg Weber (-1)

Brian Williams (0)

Scott Slauson (+9)

Colin Huff (+3)

Shaun Kirchner (0)

Jesse Dixon (+3)

Ben Burdick (0)

Mark Olver (-3)

Sean Hosking (+3)