Chris Warfield  › Wingfoot Lake State Park   September 15 at 5:37pm

Course is looking great!, besides the fact that we lost a purple trident and a lace because of the bees nest on 3

Jay Kovach   September 15 at 6:00pm

What nest

Brian Shega   September 15 at 6:58pm

right?? i just found out im allergic.

Chris Warfield   September 15 at 7:12pm

the huge hornets nest hanging on the big tree on hole 3 nick got stung so we gave up on the discs

Nick Bacon   September 15 at 7:20pm

Jay its on the Non-pine tree at the top of the hill in the middle of the fairway...if your looking from the tee it is on a branch that stretches left the course is looking amazing.

Jay Kovach   September 15 at 7:55pm

I didn't see anything flying in it and the park has sprayed it. Look at it again and tell me if thinks are flying in it. I'll get them to spray it again.

Chris Warfield   September 15 at 7:59pm

oh theres deffinitly things flying one of our drives hit the tree branch it was on and the nest was covered in bees

Jay Kovach   September 15 at 8:41pm

will be taken care of tomorrow morning says the park

Nick Bacon   September 15 at 8:41pm

There are ALOT of them and a local said they are apperently hornets he had a very nasty scar from his sting. I appreciate all you do for the park jay but be careful with these guys. As chris and I mentioned there are alot and they get aggressive. Wear as much protective clothing as possible.