2012 Wednesday Weeklies - Spring Session - New Berlin, WI   March 29, 2012 at 1:35am

Thank you to the 58 people . . . not a sellout but pretty darned good!

While Matt Atherton clearly had an impact on attendance tonight I am disappointed that we did not sell out leagues tonight. Let's see if we can improve the attendance again next week and get back to having 70-80 people show up for league! I am so happy to see the divisions matching up so nicely with 16-18 people per division for Advanced, Semi-Pro, and Open. I t was also awesome to see 4 women show up tonight because we used to get between 3-5 women each night in previous years. My wife Loriena Harrington will be returning to league next week hopefully and Loretta Ellery (long time league attendee) also plans to return for the summer session.

We had some tight battles this week and 1 stroke could cost you a whole lot of points or money even. In the Open division there was yet again a multi-person tie for the last cash spot . . . last week it was a 4 way tie at -12, this week it was a 5 way tie at -10. It looks as if none of those in the tie (myself included both weeks) "Didn't Want It" quite enough or we would have made the one putt we regret.

Last week saw a tie in the Semi-Pro division that was played off tonight with Mike Ellery beating Brian Moser. This week is no different . . . there is another tie between Josh Servi and Joe Behmke (who both shot -9) . . . if you want that valuable 1/2 point I suggest you both return to settle the tie!

The Advanced division also saw a tie between Jeremy Morgan and Lee Ireland at -7. I also suggest you show up and paly off that tie for the extra half point. You never know if that 1/2 point will cost you!!!

We also saw somethng I haven't seen in a while . . . 3 aces . . . and they were all in the ace pool. They each took home $32 cash or $48 in funny money for their efforts . . . I on the otherhand offered up a wager to Matt Atherton of $2.00 that I would get an ace tonight (I just felt it was my time for another league ace) and I was unable to perform under the pressure (at least I hit the pole once), but I would like to think I had an impact in our group because we kept talking about acing in the face . . . Kyle Dolezar did just that, he aced in our faces . . . and for all you ace hounds out there notice you didn't hear a lot of hooting and hollering . . . we all high fived and kept it nice and calm! That's how professionals (and I use that term loosely) celebrate a 152' Ace . . . Just Sayin!

Newcomer Lori Locke came in and successfuly put the pressure on Brianna to keep working at her game and getting to that threshhold of even par or under par . . . Lori if you keep coming each week I look forward to the battle between you, Brianna, and my wife . . . it should be interesting to watch.

I look forward to more unseasonable weather because VV spring leagues have often had one of those cold and miserable weeks that only a few people show up for. Lets just keep everything where it is for another few weeks and enjoy this weather while we have it!

On another note . . . Terry Won Open . . . but Scott Slauson (was the current point leader) didn't make it tonight so Terry vaults into the lead and he only stretches his lead over the rest of the division with all of the ties taking place.