J.C. Park

Kentwood, Michigan     1 course · 18 holes     Driving directions
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Dave Nyhuis    April 6 at 4:49pm

Anyone play the course lately?! Curious what the condition is, I'd like to play it soon!

Disc Devil Lee   April 6 at 5:41pm

Played last night very little mud. Spring moisture mostly.

Eric Karloski   April 7 at 10:24pm

I played through this park all winter. Little snow in areas without direct sunlight, not much mud.

Brandon Schmuker    March 15 at 4:46pm

This might sound kinda dumb, but I love a glove while playing today. Its on either 3, 10, or 11. Normally I wouldnt care but the fiancee got them for me, so you guys know how it goes lol. Feel free to pm me if you come across it.

Cole Verhagen   April 3 at 12:21pm

I played 3/31 and there were some random gloves on the course. One was a spider glove and one was a black a red big glove.

Brandon Schmuker   April 4 at 6:24pm

I did end up finding it. Thanks for looking man

Tyler Frisbie    March 6 at 9:12pm

Lost a flydie pro destroyer 172grams with my info on the back, hole 5 right side about 100 past the short pad. Bad griplock, hit a tree and spiked down, just couldmt find the mark. $ reward


"Schmuk Schmuk"    March 6 at 1:13am

Lost purple star sidewinder hole 17, could have landed closer to 1 by path


Tyler Frisbie    February 16 at 5:47pm

Well for the second day in a row i lost my pink z crank. Blue stamp and my name and number on it. Lost on hole 6 right of the basket. About 15 to 30 out, i looked for an hour and am baffled. Had a small skip but no where to be found. Thrown on a slow flat hyzer. Shoulda been an easy find.


Tyler Frisbie    February 15 at 3:07pm

Found a very nice brand new light blue disc (no ink) today at jaycee on hole 4. Id like to return it to the rightful owner. If you know what disc it is ill get it to you. I will put it up for sale or trade after a week.


"Schmuk Schmuk"    January 9 at 6:25pm

Lost Blizzard Katana Orange, Hole 11 If found please call 1616 289 4193 or 1616 212 8628 (ask for ryan)

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Eric Karloski   January 9 at 9:40pm

If it is yours.

"Schmuk Schmuk"   January 10 at 1:24pm

it's my buddy ryan's he just doesnt have a account on here, you play with the JC winter league Ill be there lol

"Schmuk Schmuk"   January 11 at 3:17am

is hole ten the one with the mando right in front of the pad and it hooks left only like 200 ft with a river on the back side? it has a blue stamp, i got stuck in my driveway so i might not make it to jc tomorrow but you should give it to frisbie and i can get it from him

Brandon Schmuker    December 21 at 3:35pm

Lost a Star Valkyrie and a Pro Wraith here. Holes 16 and 17. My info is on the back of them. Please return if found. Thanks!

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc   December 21 at 4:23pm

did u play today 12/21/13

Brandon Schmuker   December 22 at 7:06pm

I did

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc    September 29 at 2:58am

League will start on November 2nd @ 11am, looking forward to seeing everyone

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Dennis DeBoer   October 30 at 10:01am

with the first week being the first sat of the month is it going to be putter only? if so is it one disc, or can u use multipul discs as long as they are putters?

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc   October 30 at 12:12pm

yes it is a vote (day of), mids only from the longs or putters only from the shorts, multipe putters or mids can be used

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc   October 31 at 10:47pm

bring hole bag just in case ppl vote on regular tees/all disc's

Fred Vocino    September 19 at 10:30pm

What happened to the basket on hole 11?

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Fred Vocino   September 29 at 9:30am

OK this is not a case of theft. Park repair of some kind is being done. I will save the wrath.

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc   September 29 at 9:36am

do u know when it will be returned?

Fred Vocino   September 29 at 8:46pm

One of the regulars told me. He didn't say when it would be returned.

Nate Upton    September 5 at 6:44pm

There is a cash dubs tournament at Freeport park on Saturday. Help our small club grow, 100% payout, 1st and 2nd place payout. Hit me up with questions.


Alan Moll    August 29 at 12:37pm

Basket on hole #11 is missing :(


Steve T    July 24 at 8:45am

Left my old beat up reddish/pink Dart at JC last Fri...Think hole 16. If found please call Steve T at 616 450-7946. Reward Thanks!


Eric Karloski    July 3 at 9:08am

I found a green Innova Champion plastic driver in the river last night at on hole 10. Call me at 616-848-0312 if you lost it. Be prepared to answer some questions. :-)

Matt Elgersma - Team Frisci Disc   July 4 at 12:04am

if its a sidewinder its mine lol

Eric Karloski   July 4 at 6:22am

What weight? :-)

Eric Karloski   July 4 at 6:23am

Call me at 616-848-0312 and let's plan the hand off.

Fred Vocino    June 17 at 12:05pm

West Michigan games are happening this weekend (6/22&23) at Earl Brewer. I'm good for it. Post on the tournament page to build interest in the next few days.


Keven Krieger    May 16, 2013 at 10:12am

I have been thinking a lot lately about trying to get a "club" sport going at the High School level. We could involve Belding (When their course is complete), Greenville, Lowell, Ionia, possibly some Grand Rapids teams, and possibly Lake Odessa. It would require some adults to step up and become coaches. Would anyone be interested in this? This may be a long term goal.

Eric Karloski   July 3 at 9:04am

Yes! I'd love to.

Steve Hatter    March 31, 2013 at 11:22am

Lets all chip in $1 and buy a community backpack blower for the course... leaves are insane

Randy Shreve   March 31, 2013 at 1:05pm

need a shredder not a blower there is really no where to blow them too. if you blow them into one or more piles the discs will gravitate towards those piles.

Tyler Sherman    March 13, 2013 at 12:06pm

If you are a local amateur player and would like an invite to a cash tournament that myself and Connor Gortsema are putting together, drop me a PM and let me know so we can really get this ball moving. Only 2 divisions: Open and Amateur. Gonna be the start of a cash tour here in the local area and trust me you don't wanna miss out! Limited to 20 entrants per division as to keep it someone exclusive and private!!


Roger Kintner    January 5, 2013 at 8:48am

Found a disc at JC park Friday 1/4/13 on 3rd hole contact me at 616-843-2494 and describe it and you will get it back.


Nick Simon    December 23, 2012 at 1:39pm

Lost disc. Dark blue star viper. Faded innova factory store stamp. 180g. No name or number. Lost at JC Winter League. 4 time ace disc! Please contact me ((616) 821-9743) or Clayton Upper ((616) 745-3619). Disc belongs to Clayton. Reward if found. Please. Please. Please.