Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Don Decker    July 3 at 8:53pm

Lost a white flx buzz on hole 17 Deerfield right side!! Reward if found!!!


Don Decker    June 27 at 8:17pm

Lost a nuke os on hole 11 left side name and number on back!!

Craig Clingan   June 27 at 9:47pm

Deerfield or Wildwood?

Jeremiah Clennan   July 4 at 1:54pm

hey. I found your nuke. get ahold of me on here or text me and we'll figure out a way to get that back to you 989-429-4491

Alisha Grace    June 22 at 5:06pm

Boyfriend lost a champion boss, dark blue and red, on Deerfield 5, to the right. and a champion archon, yellow and orange, on 12 Deerfield to the left. Name and number on both.


Craig Clingan    June 19 at 9:57am

NOTICE: If you're playing the Wildwood course this Saturday, hole 18 will be closed from 3pm to 5pm for a wedding! Please be considerate and walk around after 17 or shoot 16, then take the road down to the parking lot. Thanks!!

Tom Armstrong   June 20 at 8:05am

I thought you were already married? Living in sin all these years?

Craig Clingan   June 20 at 9:02am


David Harrington    June 6 at 7:25pm

Buddy lost a yellow champion wraith on hole 11 in the heavy crap to the right of the pin by the path to 12. Name and number on back.


TJ Wilson    June 3 at 9:38pm

Lost a nuke on hole 5 Deerfield at dubs tonight, went right after the large pine and never made it back to the fairway

Ricky D   June 22 at 8:56pm

found. gave it to Nacho

TJ Wilson   June 22 at 9:09pm

Got it back yesterday. Thanks man

Alex Johnson    June 3 at 2:28pm

My buddy lost a Blue Nuke this weekend it has his name and number on it.


Alisha Grace    May 31 at 10:05pm

Hey guys, I left my prodigy D4, baby blue. Somewhere on Deerfield though. Name and number is on it. If anyone sees it, please give me a text!

Craig Clingan   May 31 at 10:07pm

Will do! Hopefully, it turns up.

Alex Johnson    May 29 at 2:55pm

Just found a putter on wildwood hole 15 in the basket. No name on it. Text or call me if it is belongs to you. (906) 281-1314.


Les Shaner jr    May 21 at 2:25pm

Got guys out here pulling disc out of 18 and they just said they don't call the numbers

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Tim Horenziak   May 21 at 4:17pm

man that friend wants his blizzard destroyer back it was his first ace disc!

Chris Mascho   May 23 at 1:14pm

If you find one in the field or bushes you should definitely call but I don't think you can call that unethical when you find a disc in the middle of a pond. I go out once in a while and ill call if its an ace disc or if it seems rare or something. If your supposed to call on all of them then no one ... more

Craig Clingan   May 23 at 4:41pm

I'll always offer a reward or swap for my plastic. I try to make it worth their effort, but they should still call

Jeremiah Clennan    May 21 at 11:15am

Anyone heading out for a round this afternoon?

Les Shaner jr   May 21 at 11:33am

if I had a ride I would already be out there

Tim Horenziak   May 21 at 4:18pm

if only i lived closer i would!!!

Aric Timm    May 10 at 3:26pm

Lost a cfr glow gator on hole 3 at Deerfield today. Had tournament stamp for lakeshore text 989-385-0579 if found


Craig Clingan    May 9 at 11:51am

Left a red/orange GStar Destroyer on Wildwood 17 yesterday. Would really like to get it back. Thanks!

Les Shaner jr   May 9 at 12:05pm

I was out there around five and didn't see it

Craig Clingan   May 9 at 2:07pm

It was around noon so it was probably gone by 1. Thanks though.

Brendan Cleary    April 15 at 2:04pm

If anybody in the mt pleasant or surrounding areas want any discs for cheap hit up (269)929-0229. Got lots to choose from and lettin em go at good prices


Jeremiah Clennan    March 29 at 12:04pm

How do the courses look as of late? should I still be wearing boots?

Simon Porritt   March 29 at 6:20pm

waterproof boots would be a good idea for awhile the snow is melting more slowly because of the woods. and some areas will be quite wet after the melt too.

Craig Clingan    March 22 at 5:48pm

We will be starting our Tuesday night leagues this Tuesday, 3/25, at 5:30pm at Deerfield Park. We'll move to 6pm as daylight permits. See you out there!


Don Decker    March 21 at 9:23am

Going to be there at 1 today if anyone wants to play?

Craig Clingan   March 21 at 9:33am

I'll meet you at the sledding hill!

Craig Clingan    March 18 at 5:12pm

If anyone if caught damaging park property, and that includes cutting/tearing/bending existing trees, they will be asked to leave and reported to the Parks. Unless you helped to design and construct these courses, please do NOT alter the existing terrain and rough. It's there for a reason. If it's in your way, be a man and play around it. That's how you get better. There is no reason to carry any type of cutting tools in your golf bag, so if we see any, you will be asked to leave and reported to the Parks. Thank you for your attention to this matter!

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Jim "Got Shark" Schmitt   March 20 at 9:51am

Just a note, this applies to ALL courses, not just the one that Craig so lovingly tends. I myself have had some very cross words will some guys on both the midland and freeland courses. WE ARE WATCHING YOU

Les Shaner jr   March 20 at 12:49pm

Thats is messed up but im out there a bunch and will keep ab eye open for it

Craig Clingan   March 20 at 4:31pm

Thanks, Les! I've noticed some creative trimming behind WW11 and near the basket of WW5.

Les Shaner jr    March 15 at 11:16am

Van 20319 u missing something red

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Les Shaner jr   March 16 at 10:44am

it was on ww8

Craig Clingan   March 16 at 11:38am

nice. i should be out there around 1:30ish, if you wanna swap

Les Shaner jr   March 16 at 3:08pm

crap wish I would have seen that

Don Decker    March 10 at 11:15am

Found disc on wildwood 10. Name it and what color it is. I'd be happy to return it.

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Les Shaner jr   March 11 at 1:14pm

i have been that was a new one and didnt have a marker

Craig Clingan   March 11 at 1:42pm


Les Shaner jr   March 11 at 10:19pm

found my blue valk so was ti that was found Don