Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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Nate Upton    December 11 at 8:07am

Can someone tell me how much it is to get in and where the enterance to the course is?

Simon Porritt   December 11 at 8:38am

$6 for a day pass into the park, follow the entry drive to the bottom of the hill and it will horseshoe around to the left, keep following and you will see the standard brown park signage that arrows you toward Disc Golf. :D

Nate Upton   December 11 at 8:52am

tanks man, figure I should get up there and play it before the Frigid Doe sometime.

Brian Kelley    November 26 at 10:15pm

Does anybody know if my yellow Panther is still on the ice on Wildwood 18? I'm thinking of organizing a rescue mission.

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Simon Porritt   November 26 at 11:35pm

It's probably frozen on there, so, if you break up the ice, you may be able to just drag its particular burg into shore now.. just pray it doesn't sink. :D

Brian Kelley   November 27 at 2:51pm

Thanks y'all. Smart thinking Simon!

DJ Metzer   November 27 at 7:47pm

Still there

Ben Ross    October 15 at 7:50pm

Only 4 days to go til the 1st Annual Tribal Gathering Tournament! This event is a C-tier with 2 rounds of 18 holes at Victory Park in Albion, MI. Great prizes in store for all divisions, as well as a trophy for the winner of each division! Still 18 spots left for the free "Rise of the Phoenix" Firebird drawing. Reserve your spot today by registering here on Disc Golf Scene...or you can just cashless pre-reg in the "Talk" section of the site to let us know you're coming out. Lots of plastic on ha ... more


Michael McGinnis    September 9 at 3:13pm

Hello everybody, I just got back to school and my best discing buddy from previous years has graduated. I've been looking for people to play with around school but havent had any luck finding an experienced discer. I am just looking for some one to play with who wont be out there for their first time. My phone number is (586) 484 8890 please call if you would be interested in discing. :)

Simon Porritt   September 9 at 8:44pm

Mike, tuesday night we have pay-to-play random-draw doubles at 6pm on the Deerfield course, it costs 6 bucks, plus a dollar for the Ace pool if you want in,.. you will basically meet most of the Mt. Pleasant Disc Golf Club folks if you come out and that will provide you alot of people to friend ... more

Craig Clingan   September 9 at 9:19pm

and Saturdays at Noon we play Wildwood!

Michael McGinnis   September 10 at 4:37pm

I will be there, thank you both for the info!

TJ Wilson    September 6 at 11:23am

Over the next 2-3 weeks Wildwood will be undergoing some landscaping on holes 11-18. Please avoid walking on the tilled up areas as much as possible to allow time for the grass to regrow.

Simon Porritt   September 6 at 10:28pm

maybe stakes and twine to remind people that are regularly oblivious to growing grass would be a good idea.

Lantz "Lucky Ace" Porritt   September 6 at 11:54pm


TJ Wilson   September 7 at 9:42am

The tractor threw a hydraulic line at me yesterday right before I left so most areas are just dirt covered for a while...

Richard Denomme    August 23 at 2:37pm

If anyone out there fond my blizzard ape on hole 5, please let me know. I will reward for returning.



Kody "Shooter" Slough    August 18 at 5:32pm

Lost my nuke ss orange with rainbow print somewhere on the Long tees and lost my red stalker on hole 18 Of wildwood please call.19898827130 if find

Richard Denomme   August 18 at 7:37pm

both on 18?

Kody "Shooter" Slough   August 18 at 7:39pm

no just the stalker dont remember where i left the nuke in the later holes on the firat course

Lantz "Lucky Ace" Porritt    August 17 at 12:24pm

Lost my Zombie in the drink on hole 18. Doesn't have my name or number but it is see threw purple with red lettering. $5 reward if found. Was my favorite disc.

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Lantz "Lucky Ace" Porritt   August 18 at 1:23pm

I know my family used to own a lot of land down by Detroit a long time ago. I heard stories of both Scottish and French decent. Sound familiar at all?

Simon Porritt   August 18 at 5:04pm

English/Irish, some Scottish, who are your Porritt Grandparents, mine are Don and Mary.

Lantz "Lucky Ace" Porritt   August 18 at 6:13pm

Melvin and Karen. I would have to find out my great grandparent. My wife's aunt married a mark porritt but there was no relation. I'd be pretty cool to find some long list family.

Ben Ross    August 3 at 11:03pm

Alright everyone only a week left until the Rise of the Phoenix BYOP doubles event!! We're 1/3 of the way full and counting, so if you are planning on coming out please post your name and division in the talk section to pre-reg. If you don't have a partner we will find you one! This is a fundraiser to raise money for cement tee pads, signage, and course design at JCC. We've already got 15 CTPs, each valued at over $30!! These include 6 ten year buzzzes, 4 disc golf bags, and a pair of DGA gel st ... more


Tom Armstrong    July 21 at 5:33pm

I lost my Ti Stalker on Wildwood number 13 today. It’s on the left in the really thick stuff. Dark purple and has my name and cell on it. Beer or other consideration if found and returned. Thanks!


Simon Porritt    July 10 at 11:13pm

lost my ESP FLX Buzz on 13 Wildwood, yellow/green/red tie-dye in appearance, last seen cruisin' around the thickness left of basket, but pin-high from the shorts,.. may have been picked up by casuals on 14's tee that knew we were blind from the pad, in that case, if you find them with it,.. Arm Bar, shin kick, ankle bite, ninja slap, noogie, and point-blank ear shriek them until they give it back. thanks for your time. : )

Simon Porritt   July 10 at 11:15pm

help me Obi-wan Kenobi, you're my only hope.

Brad Bleise    July 8 at 1:50pm

I've lost a black and orange champion eagle on hole 2 of Deerfield yesterday it has my initials dyed into the design (B.B.) I would really like it returned if found


John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan    July 7 at 11:58am

Left mini rainbow on 18 wildwood by the last tree behing the basket. Has lot of meaning to me. Reward for return

Jay B INSANITY DGC   July 7 at 1:42pm

Rainbow mini? or mini rainbow?

John "Johnny Mac" McClenahan   July 7 at 5:21pm

rainbow mini. sorry. should have my name on the rim but faint

Michael Wagner    July 7 at 10:26am

lost a red ccr stamp destroyer on wildwood side


Derek Fahs    July 7 at 10:07am

Lost- Blue Nuke X on hole 5 in the right side foliage. 50-75 ft short of basket high and about 150 ft right. Reward if found


Craig Prime    July 5 at 7:29pm

WILDWOOD is the right amount of fun, awesome tee pads


John "NACHO" Norkowski    July 1 at 8:01pm

Mt Pleasant Tuesday Night 28 minutes ago

Doubles at WILDWOOD!

7/2/13 Doubles will be on the newly installed Wildwood course. Come out to get in some practice before the tournament this weekend.

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Bryan Murphy   July 1 at 8:50pm


TJ Wilson   July 1 at 9:03pm

6pm tee off

Craig Clingan   July 2 at 5:01pm

I'll be there in spirit! Hope it's getting broken in.

Craig Clingan    June 2 at 11:13am

Work day today! If you would like to chip in and help get Wildwood ready for play, a group is meeting at Deerfield Park today at 2pm. There will be shoveling of tee areas, lopping of brush, etc. so dress accordingly. See you there and thanks!


Adam Matthews    May 9, 2013 at 8:01am

Only 9 days to register for the Vibram Birdie Bash!

$25 gets you two discs, a t-shirt, and a chance to win some awesome prizes!


Joe Wingett    May 4, 2013 at 9:10pm

Is this course cart friendly? And are both courses open for play?

Craig Clingan   May 4, 2013 at 9:13pm

Yes to cart-friendly and no, only Deerfield is open. Wildwood in a "month", we hope

Joe Wingett   May 4, 2013 at 9:45pm

Thanks Craig!