Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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stephen peters    October 7 at 9:14pm

Anyone know if I can buy an extra ace race package?

Simon Porritt   October 7 at 9:57pm

They all sold, sorry man!

stephen peters   October 7 at 11:07pm

Bummer I was out of town last weekend. Wish I could have gone

Josh Schafer    October 5 at 6:21pm

Had my F-1, and Alisha Grace's buzz, go missing Saturday, along with another friends same discs and some money. Any information on their whereabouts or return would be appreciated. Name and number were on all, but my # 989-944-1956.

Simon Porritt   October 5 at 8:35pm

Thieves Are Lame!!!

Jeff Montney    September 29 at 9:16pm

Found a disc on Deerfield #4 in the bushes on the right side. No name or number. Tell me what it is and the color and it will be returned.

Josh Schafer   September 30 at 5:29pm

is it by chance an O-lace, cotton candy colors( blue, pink, orange/red, and white), is it?

Jeff Montney   September 30 at 11:24pm

No sorry. I imagine there are tons of discs over there... I had to look for 30 minutes to find mine when I stumbled on this one.

Les Shaner jr   February 27 at 8:20am

is it a MVP or axiom disc

Jake Angelos    September 16 at 3:08pm

Found a disc on Wildwood 13 in the bushes on the left side of the short pad. No name or number on it. Tell me what it is and the color and I will gladly return it to you

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Jake Angelos   September 17 at 11:58am

Not it drew and Alex

Josh Schafer   September 19 at 1:15pm

its not my champ leopard, clear with black and green swirls, is it?

Jake Angelos   September 19 at 8:27pm

Nope. Sorry Josh

Josh Schafer    September 12 at 12:39pm

I left my leopard on Wildwood, I think around hole 13-14. Name and number are on it, reward if found

Craig Clingan   September 12 at 1:29pm

Left it or lost it? Nacho's on Wildwood now painting circles.

Alisha Grace   September 12 at 6:14pm

He left it. He said it was close to the edge of the fairway. Someone probably snagged it. He left it on Wednesday :/

Craig Clingan   September 12 at 7:11pm

Yeah, Nacho said he didn't see it. Bummer.

Simon Porritt    September 10 at 9:10pm

Mt. Pleasant ACE RACE registration will close on the evening of Wed, Sept 17th to ensure the packs arrive on time, be sure to register by leaving me a message in the comments section on the tourney page before that if you want to join us in the EPICness of it all! - tourney tab, oct 4th, Mount Pleasant ACE RACE!

Jon Wagner   September 16 at 8:30pm

Id like to be signed up

Simon Porritt   September 16 at 8:51pm

Ha!, got ya Jon.

Jon Wagner   September 17 at 7:42pm

Thank ya

Jake Angelos    September 9 at 5:36pm

Lost a yellow avenger ss in the tall grass on the right side of wildwood 13. Initials and number are on the back. It's going to be a tough one to find.


Alisha Grace    September 8 at 8:19pm

Lost my blue zombie on hole 17 to the left before the turn. Name and number on it. Text me if you come across it please!

Josh Schafer   September 8 at 9:10pm

its on Wildwood hole 17

Sean Mannooch    September 8 at 9:13am

Going to play a round this morning around 10:30 or 11 of anyone wants to join. Just gimme a call. 8103332773


Jason Howard    August 29 at 7:11pm

Lost a Vibram Lace disc (Blue/Pink Swirl kind of die) on Deerfield 14. Landed somewhere in the tall weeds even with the basket. Doesn't have my name on it, but does have Craig Clingan's 4 C's on it. If you find it, message me or give it to Craig. Thanks.


Josh Schafer    August 24 at 1:44pm

Lost an O-Lace on hole 5 df, cotton candy colored dye. Name and # are on it. Threw over the trees on the right side, big hyzer, but clipped the tallest tree a little and never found it. Reward if returned.


Mitchell Winters    August 10 at 8:53pm

Lost star destroyer orange/yellow on hole 17. Went through high left gap and just kept turning left. Will give a very hansom reward $$ for its return.

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Creig Malley   August 11 at 12:56pm

well atleast u know the shot now!! Lol... I got ur disc boss.. it was basically pin high 45 ft away.. haha.. I got it. lmk the best way to get back to you?

Mitchell Winters   August 11 at 5:38pm

You can give it to nacho if u could

Creig Malley   August 12 at 8:42am

that I definitely can do

Les Shaner jr    August 10 at 7:56pm

Lost a MVP reddish impulse on 14 right of the basket by the road. There will be reward disc or beer

Craig Clingan   August 10 at 10:16pm

Mmm, beer! I'll keep an eye out.

Alisha Grace    August 8 at 9:17pm

Friend lost her zombie on hole 17 to the left. Was too dark to find it. She says her names now on it but it's purple and green tie dye. Get ahold if you find it. 989 780 1318

Alisha Grace   August 8 at 9:18pm

And by left, I mean right. Lol

Jimmy Jean   August 9 at 4:02pm

Which course?

Alisha Grace   August 9 at 11:21pm

Deerfield. She found it today tho. Thanks.

Robert Saunders    August 7 at 2:30pm

My buddy lost yellow sidewinder on wildwood. cant remember hole number but it's the 500 foot hole par 4 that's wide open. right side grass about 100 feet past the big tree. i lost blue roc3 a couple holes later on left side int the brush, 150 feet off the tee. we also lost red and yellow destroyer on right side of hole 18, in the edge of the treeline. it was a bad day. names and numbers are on all discs.


Cory Hulbert    August 5 at 7:01pm

Why did the par get set back to all par 3's? I tried to change them to what it says on the score card but then it just changed back a few days later. Just wondering.

Simon Porritt   August 5 at 7:20pm

the tees are marked with Pars greater than a 3 on some holes to provide a more reasonable par for family-friendly play and recreational use, but when played in doubles leagues, tournaments, or casual rounds by advanced/experience players all holes are played on a par 3 structure.. this is the gener ... more

Cory Hulbert   August 6 at 7:53am

Ok, thank you. I'm new to the sport so I was trying to figure it out.

Simon Porritt   August 6 at 8:46am

No problem man!

Josh Schafer    July 28 at 7:41pm

Lost a crystal sparkle nuke os, on hole 12-13 Wildwood in the brush in between the two. Name and # are on it. Its green with a red circle on the flight plate.

Brendan Cleary   July 29 at 11:33am

What type of shot did u throw and whered u throw from? Just to get a better idea where to keep my eyes open

Brendan Cleary   July 29 at 11:35am

Also what shade of green? More limeish or darker?

Josh Schafer   July 29 at 9:06pm

I found it, day later eyes.thanks though

Bryan Murphy    July 20 at 9:07pm

***lost a day glo yellow west side tursus (midrange) in the thick stuff on the right side of wild wood #14 past the first protruding bush along the right side of the fairway . Reward if found


Craig Clingan    July 11 at 10:22am

REWARD/TRADE if found: White tie-dyed Star Tern left on Deerfield - either hole 10 or 14. Will have my 4 C's and probably my cell phone number on it. Thank you!


Alex Johnson    July 7 at 9:08pm

Lost a orange Flick on Wildwood 14. Name and number is on it. (906) 281-1314