Deerfield Park

Mt. Pleasant, Michigan     2 courses · 36 holes     Driving directions
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TJ Wilson    6 days ago

Left a yellow nuke on wildwood 13 yesterday. Head wind caught it and turned it over off the right of the fairway into the thick stuff out by the road. Would greatly appreciate getting it back.

DJ Metzer   5 days ago


TJ Wilson   5 days ago

i know. 2 nukes in 3 days. Rough out there lately

Ryan Klootwyk    July 24 at 4:14pm

Hello all,

To any current CMU students....I am starting a CMU Disc Golf Club Team and am looking for interested players! It will be a registered student organization and I would like to create a fun and competitive landscape for all. Hopefully we can make this group become on par with the already established universities in the sport including Western Mich., Michigan State, and 2015 National Champions Ferris State. I know there is a lot of talent in the state and I want to put that on display for our Chippewas. Feel free to message me if interested, all are welcome.


Chad Randolph    July 14 at 6:21pm

Lost a Ti Flx Meteor, orange/redish on hole 13. back right passed the basket in the thick brush. just took the right line to not hit a tree and found its way back there. would love to get that back. If found reward for sure! Thanks


Clay McGillvary    July 14 at 3:24pm

Lost a white dx Teebird in the brush on the right side of number 3 Deerfield. Threw from regular tees and I believe it ended up roughly in line with the short tees but off to the right further in that foliage somewhere. Has no ink or info on it but I'd be willing to trade something for its return.

Alisha Grace   July 14 at 3:49pm

We have doubles league tonight, will take a look for it when we pass by #3

Craig Clingan    July 11 at 3:36pm

Found a yellow disc on Deerfield 18 today. Describe it and it's yours (unless you were there...Alisha! ;) )

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DJ Metzer   July 11 at 6:06pm

Nuke os

Simon Porritt   July 11 at 8:35pm

worn-in star wraith, probably trickled down from Wildwood 12 over the last year?...

Alisha Grace   July 12 at 8:50am

No to both of those. Sorry guys.

Mariah Butzin    July 8 at 7:44pm

Lost a colorful light weight nuke somewere on deerfield. No number on it. Like to get back if someone finds it thanks.


Christa Natke    July 8 at 10:50am

Lost a watch on Deerfield or in the small parking lot. If found, PLEASE contact me as it is important to me. Thanks!


Harold Fernando    July 4 at 8:59pm

Did lose my bright yellow champ Firebird (An ace disc) practicing on hole 2 Deerfield, has initials HPF with phone and pdga # on the inside rim. If found please give to Nacho or Craig.


Dave Bear Halloran    July 3 at 9:14pm

Lost pink Stag on Wildwood hole 14/15 reward

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Alisha Grace   July 4 at 1:56pm

There's a tournament here today and tomorrow til about 6 ish.

Simon Porritt   July 4 at 2:20pm

Found during tournament. Club had disc. Come to dubbs?

Dave Bear Halloran   July 4 at 3:14pm

I'll be in tournament tomorrow. Please hold disc, will ask about it during registration

Eric Nartker    July 3 at 7:27pm

Lost my sunglasses yesterday on Deerfield, somewhere after hole 5. Would GREATLY appreciate a return, $$$ reward!


- Buckwheat    June 28 at 5:45pm

Lost a Disc on Hole 11 in the thick brush on the left, down near the Basket. Its Pink w/ no markings on it. If someone finds a Pink Disc in that area, I can confirm the Make/Weight/Etc. Please hit me up & we will work something out!

Jeremiah Clennan   June 28 at 6:33pm

what course?

- Buckwheat   June 28 at 6:45pm

Sorry, Wildwood!

- Buckwheat   July 1 at 12:54am


- Buckwheat    June 27 at 3:03pm

Does anyone know if you can bring your Dog out on the Course w/ you?

Don Decker   June 27 at 3:13pm

yes you can just pick up after him

- Buckwheat   June 28 at 2:33pm

Awesome! Thanks for the reply. Much appreciated.

Matt Hallwood    June 21 at 9:46pm

Lost a purple mvp tesla on 9 on Deerfield please text me if found (989) 553-3862


Wayne Baker    June 21 at 8:54pm

Found a disc on hole 18 today (original course). I'll be in Mt. Pleasant all week. Tell me what it is and the color, if you identify it correctly, I'm at Soaring Eagke. I'll tell you how to find me and I'll gladly return it.

Brett Packer   June 22 at 10:31am

not sure what the "original course" is.... but im not sure how you could lose one on #18 Deerfield and I know a LOT of people have lost discs on #18 Wildwood. I lost a champ daedulus USA flag grafitti dye, a red westside holo print, and a boss there lol

Josh Schafer    June 14 at 2:13pm

Lost a USA flag die nuke on hole 12 ww yesterday. Name and number are on the rim. Reward if returned. 9899441956

Josh Schafer   June 14 at 2:13pm

on the right side past the am pad

Jeremiah Clennan    June 11 at 10:26pm

Lost a pink 400S D1 on the left side of WW17. Most likely on the left side past the bottleneck. Has my name and number. Would mean a lot if I could get it back. I've got some stuff to trade.


Kaleb Hermes    June 9 at 10:01pm

I lost a Baby Blue Super Z Crank on 13 Wildwood. I flew straight left under the tree branch over the tall grass. I couldn't find it after looking for about 20 minutes. Name and number are on the rim!

Thanks guys!


Ryan Vorpagel    June 9 at 9:31pm

Lost my buzz super straight yesterday, it's yellow and one of my favorite discs. It would have been behind the basket on 17 on Deerfield! Please let me know if you find it! I'll buy you a six pack! 586-899-5616


Alex Johnson    June 9 at 6:45pm

Lost a blue and white boss on hole three to the right by the front tee. No name on it my number is (906-281-1314)

Jammer Gross "Team Tilley's"   June 9 at 6:50pm

Deerfield or Wildwood

Alex Johnson   June 9 at 11:45pm


Ryan Vorpagel    June 8 at 1:24pm

Anyone lose there 6th ace disc form 2011 at deerfield? its a really nice disc so id hate for someone to lose it! if you can describe the disc ill gladly get it back to you!