Brys Park

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Ron Jacobs    February 2 at 6:09pm

Found 2 discs today, already contacted the owner of the one with ink. However, the other one is not so fortunate. If you were playing in the group of 6(?) today and left behind a disc passed 12/24 basket, contact me.

Nick Chmiel - DGS   February 2 at 6:37pm

36715 written inside rim?

Ron Jacobs   February 3 at 7:31am

No ink

Nick Chmiel - DGS    January 30 at 10:58pm

Lost yellow Z Hawk over the fence during leagues Friday. Reward if returned. Thanks all.


Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    January 30 at 9:34pm

I put a blue Blizzard Wraith (no ink) into a backyard on 2 today, near the DGS sign, hoping it makes its way to the store.. I also saw someone's purple Westside VIP plastic disc in a yard also, was still there when we left.

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   January 31 at 5:13pm

(I meant 3)

Just The Tim    January 24 at 4:58pm

Found a gold disc on 12/24 near the basket today. There was a number on back but it was faded and I couldn't figure it out. Returned it to the Disc Golf Store.


Jason Riberas    January 23 at 9:34am

Anyone want to meet for a round at 12-1?


Mike Wood    January 8 at 1:42pm

Don't forget about league tonight. Tee off at 7:00, reg starts at 6:30. Don't let the rain scare you away. It's supposed to let up by tee off


Jay B    December 25 at 8:04am

Xmas round 10-1030am

Dale Gosselin   December 25 at 9:15am

Leagues going on tonight ?

Jay B   December 25 at 9:21am

My guess is no, its not on the league schedule and says next round is jan 1st

Brendan Livingston    December 24 at 1:08pm

Found a pair of Zeal sunglasses on hole 19 a week or so back, if anyone dropped them let me know.


Brain Evans    December 24 at 6:18am

Please checkout the event page for an event I am hosting on Jan 1st to raise money for a friend who passed family
Bring 20 bucks (or more) 10 dollars gets you in for the round CTP and Ace pool. the other ten you can buy some raffle tickets.


Ted Swarthout    December 10 at 11:59pm

Rare Steady Eddy "blowfly" left around hole 24 in October. Very sentimental disc I purchased circa 2001 in Utah. Plastic rewards and a big bro hug if returned. Name and number was on the disc.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   December 11 at 2:34am

have you called the Disc Golf Store to see if it was turned in there? Unfortunately October is a long time, especially at that park. With the amount of casual traffic, who knows, But there is a league on tuesday and friday, so maybe you got lucky.

Ted Swarthout   December 11 at 4:13pm

Yea I just signed on to disc scene for the first time last night. Thought I would throw it out there. No luck at the store.

Aaron Morley    November 30 at 3:15pm

Bright Green Suspect shanked off 2 and landed on a garage. If anyone found it would love to have it returned


Brendan Livingston    November 21 at 12:18am

Blue Pro Wraith left out there this afternoon.


Jay B    November 19 at 11:26am

Glow skins tonight at firefighters, tee off at 630 unless you let me know in advance that you may be late

Jeff Bauman   November 19 at 11:47am

Can you postpone tee off two hours please?

Jay B   November 19 at 2:58pm

you can tee off two hours after us if you want, unfortunately you would be playing against yourself at that point but youd be winning the whole time

bill poole    October 10 at 1:00am

possibly left my pink frost claymore. no name on it. not sure what hole. was throwing multiple discs. might even be in the soccer field. reward if found.

Tim Montie   October 10 at 10:47am

got it.

bill poole   October 10 at 11:04am


bill poole   October 10 at 11:05am

when would u be able to meet up. my # is 586-209-9124.

Tim Montie    October 8 at 11:47pm

left a white factory 2nd firebird on the soccer field today. not getting my hopes up but if you find it and turn it in to the disc golf store I'd totally buy you a beer in gratitude!


Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    September 22 at 9:06pm

This Saturday is the last day to sign up for Ace Race on Oct 3rd! Chainstar for 1st, Upper Park Bags for 2nd, 3rd and a raffle winner, pink Grip bag for top female, bonus prizes, DG Ninja Warrior before and after Ace Race. Costumes earn you bonus raffle tickets. Bring cash for warrior rebuys and extra raffle tickets! Link:


Brendan Livingston    September 15 at 10:44pm

Put an Orange Cheetah over the fence on 1 into the no-no yard. It has my info on it so if the DGS gets it you know how to find me.

Brendan Livingston   September 17 at 4:01pm

That's Leopard, NOT Cheetah

Neil Duffey    September 8 at 4:27pm

found a mini on the course friday. very distinct ink on the back. let me know, and i will return it to you asap.

also, some one i know found a few discs over the fence... he's not one to make an effort to return them, so I'm posting to let you know... if you identify them, ill do my damnedest to get them from him and return them... a midrange, and a driver... name em.

Jay Moyer   September 8 at 6:17pm

They are unmarked?

Ryan Hughes    September 6 at 6:55pm

So how many of you fine American guys and gals are coming over to Tecumseh for our 2nd annual Tecumseh Open? Saturday, September 19 @ 10am. $25 entry, includes a Discraft disc. Super easy to get to our course. Take the tunnel or bridge into Windsor, follow Riverside Drive (East) until you hit Manning Road. Course is right at the corner, by the river. Beautiful course. Any support would be greatly appreciated!!


Dale Gosselin    September 2 at 10:19am

Lost blue g star Orc left behind on hole 5 during leagues last night. Reward if returned.

Permalink   September 2 at 2:11pm

i found it

Dale Gosselin   September 4 at 12:10am

Thank you sir. You playing Friday ?   September 7 at 8:02pm