Brys Park

St. Clair Shores, Michigan     1 course · 24 holes     Driving directions
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Jason 7-L Ward    4 hours ago

Thanks to everyone who came out and played Friday in The Disc Golf Stores Friday Night Lights Glow League to anyone interested in playing The Friday Night Lights League this week the league starts at 7:45 PM and we Tee Off at 8:00 PM make sure you bring out you Glow Discs and LED if you do not have any check out The Disc Golf Store right down the street from the park they are open to 7:00 PM on Friday so you can stop before you play they now have 7 color LED lights and also a great selection of ... more


Jason 7-L Ward    2 days ago

Found a Star Destroyer on hole 1 yesterday tell me color and what was written on back so i can get it back to you


Jason 7-L Ward    4 days ago

Just a reminder tonight is The Disc Golf Stores Friday Night Lights League. We will be playing random doubles starting at 8:00 PM so please try and show up around 7:45 PM and depending on the amount of people that show up. It is $2.00 to play and an optional $2.00 Ace Pool which is now at $44.00 not including the money that comes in tonight also we have an optional $1.00 CTP held on holes 12 and 24. If you chose to play everything it will cost $5.00. So come on out and be sure to bring your glow ... more


Jason 7-L Ward    4 days ago

I lost my Blue Star Stingray on the course last on hole 5 I have returned many discs to The Disc Golf Store to help make peoples life better if found please return it would make someones life a lot happier.


Jason 7-L Ward    6 days ago

This is my mid-week reminder to anyone interested in playing The Friday Night Lights League this week. The league starts at 7:45 PM and we Tee Off at 8:00 PM make sure you bring out you Glow Discs and LED if you do not have any check out The Disc Golf Store right down the street from the park they are open to 7:00 PM on Friday so you can stop before you play. We have an ongoing Ace Pool that is currently at $44.00 and this is not including the money going in on Friday. We also play CTP from hole ... more


Brendan Livingston    October 13 at 3:06pm

Found a disc on hole 20 inside the fenced in area with the huge antenna. I fished it out of there. Message me color, make, and weight of lost disc, if it matches i'll return it to its rightful owner.

Neil Duffey   October 13 at 3:58pm

big z nuke, yellow w custom dye job. can't mistake it. not that hole, but its a chance...

Brendan Livingston   October 13 at 4:49pm

no sorry Mate, good luck finding yours.

Jason 7-L Ward    October 13 at 3:05pm

Just to let everyone know this Friday night at 7:45 PM it will be league night at Brys tee off is at 8:00 PM. We will be playing Glow so make sure you have either Glow Discs or Lights for your Discs if you do not have any make sure you get down to The Disc Golf Store and picked some up. League play is totaled at $5.00 which breaks down to $2.00 to play and $2.00 for the Ace Pool which is at $44.00 with out this Fridays pay in and finally $1.00 for CTP which will be thrown from holes 12 and 24 if ... more


Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    October 13 at 10:17am

***Our Ace Race Video is Ready!!!***

It's fun - it's frantic - and it's awesome - just like Ace Race.



Brendan Livingston    October 12 at 9:43pm

New OB course rule (for me) Any concrete/pathway is OB(out of bounds, -1 stroke.). However, if your disc touches any part of grass it is in bounds. Landing outside any boundry of Bry's park is OB.

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Douglas Fresh   October 12 at 10:37pm

Ace or die, ****es.

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   October 13 at 10:00am

Redmond's right, only the grass on the basket side of the hole should be in bounds. The back corner hole is kinda goofy in that the walking path goes in front of the basket, so that would be the exception. (One could argue the path and all grass being in play on both those holes sharing that basket. ... more

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD   October 13 at 10:06am

Some hay bales or stone circle would be AWESOME for the in-between-baseball-fields hole.. Though anything semi-permanent probably wouldn't be there very long.. Nick and crew at DGS might have some course improvements for us in the near future.. I'm hoping that includes some obstacles on 10/22.

Jason 7-L Ward    October 10 at 2:08pm

To anyone who wants to have fun on a Friday night please feel free to come and play The Friday Night Lights League. $2.00 to play we have Ace Pool for $2.00 and CTP for $1.00 and our Ace Pool is currently at $36.00. We will be trying to Tee Off around 745 so be there. If there is enough people out there we will be playing random doubles. So grab your discs and golf stuff and come have a fun time.

Brain Evans   October 10 at 4:16pm

I plan on coming out

Eric McCahill - Brys Ace Race TD    October 7 at 9:20am

A brown knife was found at Ace Race on Saturday, message me if it's yours.



Bradley Harelik    October 4 at 9:49pm

Found a blizzard champion destroyer today near hole one. If you lost one describe it in color and ink and I'll return it.

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Bradley Harelik   October 4 at 10:29pm

can you call me?

Brendan Livingston   October 6 at 10:27am

nice work getting this disc back to its owner Bradley Harelik. This is what Disc is all about people, karma!

Bradley Harelik   October 6 at 5:30pm

i would want my returned to me so yeah good karma

tony "bonz" slaven    October 2 at 11:12pm

Hit my first ace on hole 7 followed the walking path thought it was to high but the wind caught it just right and pushed it right in to the basket now lets home my luck can stay with me on saturday everyone says after the first is out of the way they keep coming well lets hope so i wanna get an ace on saturday bad

Jay B INSANITY DGC   October 3 at 12:30am

This is disc golf scene not facebook, pleas keep contain your emotional outbursts over aces to the "friends" that actually care jk...congrats on your first you virgin lol

Anthony Litts   October 3 at 8:37am

If you post this to your wall on your profile. Anyone that is on your friends list can see it. Just click on the "News" tab.

Jason 7-L Ward   October 3 at 8:40am

Hell Yeah Tony good job

Nick Oliver    September 30 at 3:32pm

After the fun of the Ace Race come to the Isle and test your discing mettle. Hope to see you all out there!

Brain Evans   October 1 at 12:44pm


Brendan Livingston   October 12 at 9:43pm

Won and done

Jason 7-L Ward    September 29 at 2:26pm

Trying to play brys tonight around 6ish please message me if you wanna play I down to play singles or if there is enough people maybe throw some double

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tony "bonz" slaven   September 29 at 2:41pm

i may be down going to throw now with dan tucker

Jason 7-L Ward   September 29 at 4:27pm

outstanding hopefully will see you all there.

jay moyer   September 29 at 4:31pm

change my maybe to a definitely.

tony "bonz" slaven    September 28 at 2:32pm

Trying to get some people to go throw brys around 330-4 hit me up if you wanna play


Brandon"RedRum" Redmond    September 25 at 2:24am

Had a green VIP Hatchet get over the fence into a yard yesterday on hole 5. Went around after the round to knock on doors. Guy let me into his yard that was next door, but could not see my disc. Possibly it was tossed back over? Or maybe the homeowner has it...I don't know. If anyone comes across it, I will reward. Name and number present.


Mike Wood    September 23 at 8:09am

Lost champion beast 3 weeks ago on hole#17. Orange & has a smiley face smokin one, eyes spell out WOOD. phone # on it is old, new # on my profile


Michael "Hersh" Hirschfield    September 22 at 10:24pm

Lost 40$ on the course today. Will give you 10$ if returned

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Michael "Hersh" Hirschfield   September 22 at 10:57pm

true, but there are still some respectful people out there so I can only hope!

Douglas Fresh   September 22 at 11:09pm

I found $40 on the course today but only needed a 5 spot so I put the rest back

Michael "Hersh" Hirschfield   September 22 at 11:11pm


Jason 7-L Ward    September 17 at 3:38pm

I know it is short notice but I am playing today at 530 if anyone wants to play meet me at Tee Pad 1