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Jared Utke    6 days ago

Since there isn't a league round on Superbowl Sunday, I propose a Ninja Fun Round to be played Sunday morning, possibly at Indy around 10am?

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Jared Utke   6 days ago


Kayla Copeland   5 days ago

Wow i have no idea whats up with all of the numbers and random letters. Lmao looks like i got a bit too excited.

Jared Utke   5 days ago

Love the enthusiasm! btw time and place is flexable

brad chartier    December 29 at 8:15pm

anybody up for a News Year Day Round?? either Indy or Hudson Mills

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Norman Copeland   December 31 at 5:27pm

I'm in ninjas

brad chartier   December 31 at 6:30pm

No Norm, your are THE ninja.

John Levitt   December 31 at 8:37pm

Me spike and Matt are in

Casey Maloney    December 25 at 8:16am

Merry Christmas Ninjas!!!

William Gilbert   December 25 at 4:49pm

and to all a good night. lol merry xmas ninjas from the king

William Gilbert    November 10 at 8:32am

remember this weeks ninja round is on saturday at 6 at the pines

Joseph Contratto   November 10 at 12:44pm

why so late in the day? doesnt that make it a league glow round I assume then?

William Gilbert   November 10 at 1:03pm

that is correct and intentional that way. it also allows drunken stupidity and camping for those in need. franklin won't get home till about then is the main reason.

William Gilbert    October 3 at 9:37am

So are we meeting Tomorrow at Hudson for league awards. and play some doubles. i thought somebody told me A3 was running something if not we can do our own thing. HIGH NOON. i have through force of personality gotten the day off so i am in. Princess and hot damn are in to. we can hang out at noon for the awards which i think only Chester won something. and then play a round or wait for the A3 doubles assuming there is something going there.

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Jason Cassidy   October 3 at 11:33am

Congrats To Chester for the win, Rocket for Third, and Old Man for Most Consistant! Hope you guys come out to collect!!

Norman Copeland   October 3 at 9:14pm

I'm bringing Kayla and she is my double partner. stop right

Andrew Hilliard   October 4 at 9:51am

Are you guys wanting to keep the rounds league-exclusive today or can I tag along and play casual?

michael franklin    September 27 at 11:29am

Awesome and I ,,hot damn,, will be at the gulich at 1 anyone can join us if you have the time


michael franklin    September 22 at 10:24am

Thank you to all the ninjas that could attend the party and made it such a successful and epic fun night .the glow was wicked sick awesome,to those who didn't make it ha ha .see you next year


William Gilbert    September 17 at 11:03am

disc golf starts at 3PM.
baskets if everybody brings the ones mentioned should be enough. hot damn and executor have supplied there baskets already.
The keg has been dropped via only 3 votes to keep it. therefore the cover is just $5.
1 round of random draw doubles and 1 rd of glow are planned.
Remember it is BYOB now
don't forget the dish to pass.
if all that have responded bring baskets it should put us at 10 or 11. don't forget the baskets please!!!
there is no fridge we will have access to bring the coolers.

William Gilbert   September 17 at 11:43am

reg for random draw doubles is 230 tee off at 3pm. we can if desired to $5 entry and optional $1 ace pool.

William Gilbert   September 17 at 12:35pm

the course you will be playing will average around 233' but it is not easy by any means long hole is around 378 short one at 132'.

William Gilbert   September 18 at 1:40pm

don't forget the dish to pass please and if anybody has like forks for cooking smores or hot dogs bring them to. might need some bowls or plates as well

Casey Maloney    September 5 at 12:47pm

Good luck at states Ninjas!


jared wilson    September 2 at 11:37am

Are any Ninjas heading up to states that are not playing? I am looking for a caddy for my son Jaxon, his caddy bailed out on us.


Joseph Contratto    August 19 at 12:24pm

Anyone going to sign up for Thrills at the Mills Saturday??

Jacob Belmas   August 19 at 12:50pm

Sorry spyke, won't be back in town.....

William Gilbert   August 19 at 7:37pm

i am on vacation and up north. thinking of playing a sanctioned event near the cabin though

brad chartier    August 17 at 9:09pm

if anybody is in need of a ticket to the Kenny Chesney concert on Saturday, I might be able to help.


William Gilbert    August 17 at 9:01am

230 rd today at the gulch anybody? princess KB, shooter are in!!!

Casey Maloney   August 17 at 9:27am

12 at oshtemo?

William Gilbert   August 17 at 11:34am

would love to but i dont get off till 2 and i cant set back time sorry

William Gilbert    August 8 at 8:39am

Any ninjas wanting to play in Birthday Classic this coming sunday? Hollywoods can't play so Hot Damn is looking for an AM3 or 4 partner? if somebody wants to play AM3, I could give you shooter and i will play with Hot Damn assuming we can work this out today. i am at work, so text me and i will make sure all interested parties are ok with this before agreeing.


Casey Maloney    July 28 at 1:37pm

B.Y.O.P. Bday Classic. Get regd! Any questions talk to K.


Casey Maloney    July 27 at 8:27pm

States = Worlds...


Casey Maloney    July 27 at 8:26pm

Congratulations to all Ninjas who participated in states last week!


Jacob Belmas    July 24 at 1:45pm

Calling all Ninjas....Sunday. 26th. Independence Lake. 11am. Bring bug spray, beer, and hope.


Andrew Kay    July 10 at 9:41pm

Ninjas find your partners and register for birthday classic


William Gilbert    June 29 at 7:10am

Remember Club Ninja we will be playing a summer for the fun league round at Independence Lake this coming Wednesday as hudson will be closed for the fireworks. usual bat time 530 Tee off. $5 random draw doubles. and yes it will be mob golf! no ace pool.