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William Gilbert   September 17 at 11:54am

ninja league

some of us have discussed this already and hope to finalize the details at league tonight. Entry fee for the ninja league, ace pool, whether to attempt to get MDGO berths. Whether to have a buy in for the league like the winter warmer series? discussed running the league every other Sunday at varying courses. Executor has proposed beginning at hudson on he monster 24 holes championship black. We will alternate the courses and move from there. probably vote on where to play at each league ... more

Jacob Belmas   September 17 at 12:21pm

Sensei already wanting to move back just for first day lol

William Gilbert   September 18 at 12:22pm

The discussions last night, I know executor will correct me if I am wrong or missed anything. $6 all in per round: $5 for payouts and $1 Ace Pool. A 1 time $10 buy in for the series which will all go to league ending final payouts based on points. It will be at the moment ran every other week on Su ... more

Brad McMillin   September 20 at 10:21pm

I am in.

William Gilbert   July 10 at 8:55pm

club ninja shirts

still working on pricing and details will post a sample picture of one option. price will be between $60 - $90 each. quantity discounts hopefully apply and shipping will increase the costs.

I was thinking of pitching the idea to CJ's and maybe he would sponsor the costs of part of the shirts.
Could put club ninja or just Ninjas on the front. list our sponsors or club afflications. name (Nickname) and maybe PDGA number on the back. note the art on the back. i think we have some color options as well.
more details to follow like type of shirt, material sizes and more.

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Casey Maloney   July 12 at 12:42pm

Dang. That's sweet!

michael franklin   July 15 at 9:24pm

spell nina in beer cans and bottles that we drink booze' s too .