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DGLA OrCPS-W: Only 3 weeks left....Update and News 2/06/2014

OK it's been a long winter so here is long post to help fill you in on the latest OrCPS-W news.

What topics will I ramble on about in this news post:
* OrCPS - Finale?
* OrCPS - The Future is in your hands...
* Oregon <– O –> Michigan Disc Swap
* January Weekly and Monthly stats update

**** OrCPS - Finale?
All of us here at DGLA are excited to see how the Oregon players have taken to the Oregon Cooperative Point Series and provided feedback and suggestions. This interaction is a great starting place for the Cooperative aspect and shows that the future of the OrCPS is great if history is an indicator the Oregon disc golf leagues are posed for some significant growth. Very exciting.

A few of the comments/suggestions were related to how to enhance the wrap-up of the season, a Finale to all the weeks of fun and competition. Rick Saffeels was one who not only provided feedback but was willing to lend a hand and explore what has been done in the past and what options there are to figure out how to make this a reality in Oregon.

This event is after the completion of the OrCPS so the OrCPS-Winter 2014 Champion will already be determined based on the rules posted at the begging but this is a way to get together and celebrate the Winter season completion and compete with players from all over the state. We will be able to evaluate if this can be incorporated into the OrCPS in the future.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

"2 rounds on one Middle-Ground: North Eco Park
Divisions will Apply to both Rounds.
First round holes will be for anyone to play. First round will have Round Winners and Trophies for the 18 Holes (some temp holes) $15 will get you a Stamped Innova disc and $5 will go towards payouts (great deal).

Second round will be exclusive to the Top 10 Points Holders from the season and the top 3 finishers in the first round in each divisions. Only the Top 2 Players in each division will get paid out in the second round. This way, everyone plays for the cash payout, but only 25 will compete for the money in the second round. Everyone will leave with a sweet disc, and possibly a CTP, Trophy, or some cash."

There is nothing better than the excitement and energy that events like this create when players from different clubs and leagues from all over the state come together for both fun and competition. Even if you don't make it into the2nd round, watching those top players who have earned their spot to compete is amazing disc golf situation. Not very often is there a gallery of spectator walking around with the players. The energy, shared moans on the slight misses and echoing cheers showing everyone's appreciation for some amazing shots is priceless and really brings this sport to new heights.

Another opportunity to consider to help wrap up the OrCPS-W with a Bang in your local area - The Raid. With a little collaboration and cooperation you can get a few local leagues to converge ("Raid") at one league round and have super league round. Now only one league post the round so this could affect individual leagues as they have one less round for the season but the net gain is worth it and the impact is minimized if the plan is posted and discussed with the league members early. If you pick a morning league and afternoon league you can really maximize the fun with many more players, grab a bar-B for a fun lunch before the 2nd round. At the end of the winter season the few fair weather players begin to come out of hibernation and are trying to get back in the swing of the game - these types of events are a great way to get more players out and the current players smiling - The more players the more points but even more important, the MORE FUN.

*** OrCPS - The Future is in your hands...

So you see that players make a difference; with suggestions, and even questions to help us identify what is not clear to everyone and of course the volunteers. There are many ways to get involved and help Disc Golf leagues and the sport grow and improve.

Everyone has an impact, either negatively or positively. It can be as simple as helping a league Admin during registration. These guys help ensure we have a consistent event to increase our fun. How often do we thank them for their efforts - THANKS for all you do League Admin.

Creating a fair, safe and encouraging environment to play our sport with other players that we can share, grow and compete with week after week is a major factor in the growth of this sport.

Tournaments are the ultimate test of players skill at that moment, under those conditions with a strong focus on competition. Leagues bring players together week after week with more emphasise on fun while still competing, learning, sharing. Look at any sport and you will find many time more players involved in leagues and the more players in leagues means an increase in players attending tournaments.

The future of Oregon Disc Golf is in the hands of the Oregon players on the courses right now. DGLA is excited to help you define and achieve your goals.

*** 2014 Winter DGLA: Oregon <– O –> Michigan Disc Swap

Well so far there are 11 Oregon disc collected and 15 Michigan discs. There is still time as the dead line is Feb 28th. I am currently holding off collecting more Michigan discs to keep the numbers close but if your interested in adding to your collection, adding some interest to your CTP or award disc selection let me or ROGUE RIDER know.

Oregon discs:

Michigan discs:

**** January Weekly and Monthly stats update

First realize their is only three weeks left in the OrCPS-Winter 2014 - Can you tell the seasons are changing and Spring is almost here??? Ok maybe we need to send mother nature a Outlook reminder but Spring weather will arrive, the bugs will start to do their thing, the casual will attack the courses as well and we will continue to play our game.

92 total players have played in the OrCPS-W 2014 so far.
8 participating leagues

In January 63 players played rounds in the OrCPS-W, that is a OrCPS Record for January (OK it's the first January of the OrCPS but all records have to startt some place ;-) AWESOME!

So what was the result of those January winter rounds?....

Most rounds played in a given week during January was 4 by Ira B, who made it onto the weekly Rounds leaderboards 3 of the 4 weeks.

Three players managed 3 rounds in a week at least once and two achieved this in two of the four weeks in January:

Rick Saffeels 3 TWICE
Erik Gyllenskog 3

Most points in a given week with how they achieve it????

Rick Saffeels 46 points in week 7
Two 1st place wins; Friday Frolfers - Camp to Camp & Lunar League "Traveling Glow"- Nicely done...

THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS in week 8 accumulated 45 points
Also Two 1st place wins; D.O.R.C.s (Day Of Rest Crew) & CCDG Sunday Random Doubles Also Nicely done...

So there is a slight (one point) advantage to winning a singles round over a doubles round, at least when the league size is 20 players or less. I suspect this will take on a new dynamic in the summer when league size increase with those fair weather players come out of hibernation.....

Other top point achievers for a week in Jan.
Rick Saffeels 43
AGRO JACKSON 42 Two weeks in a row. CCDG Sunday Random Doubles & CCDG Saturday Singles
"<Blank Man>" 41

How did the January overall stats looks once everything was combined:

20 players made it out to play at least two different leagues during January, 12 players hit 2 and 8 players played hit a few more, with AGRO JACKSON playing at the most leagues in January....

2 Rick Saffeels 4
2 Ira B 4
5 " LUCKY " 3
5 Erik Gyllenskog 3
5 Grape Ape 3
5 Jesse Walker 3

63 players in January - 43 players played at least 2 rounds during January. 30 players got in 3 or more, 15 got in 4 or more, and 1 got in an 10 rounds during the four week period - Rick Saffeels

1 Rick Saffeels 10
2 Ira B 9
4 Erik Gyllenskog 8
4 Jesse Walker 8
7 Tiger Discs 7
8 - scottishrob - 6
9 Dennis "Swami" Swanson 5
10 Jason "Rooster" Bruster 4
10 marshall d 4
10 Jonathan Long 4
10 L Bledsoe 4
10 Mike Wilson 4
10 " LUCKY " 4

1 Rick Saffeels 6

15 other players achieved 1 round win in January.

Well played guys....

All Leaderboards » January Points
Player Points Rounds
1 Rick Saffeels 167 10
4 Jesse Walker 123 8
5 Erik Gyllenskog 116 8
6 Ira B 115 9
7 - scottishrob - 95 6
8 Tiger Discs 94 7
9 jason hardin 79 3
10 Jason "Rage" morton 78 3
11 marshall d 73 4
12 " LUCKY " 68 4
13 Jonathan Long 64 4
15 Jason "Rooster" Bruster 61 4
16 aaron walker 58 3
17 Grape Ape 56 3
18 Travis Towne 55 3
19 troy RED JOHN 53 3
19 mike albertson 53 2

So we see the guys at the top of the points are also the ones who continue to show up on the # of Rounds leaderboard and also continue to perform well. Now not everyone has the opportunity to play multiple times a week and so there are some sleepers out there that if they could, the stats show they would be giving the leaders a run for thier points.

Let's look at Average points per round accumulation:

mike albertson - Although for January he is sitting at 19th for point accumulation in January he has the highest point/round average of 26.5 the advantage of playing in a larger league - ABDG Glow 2013. Keep it up mike.

Right behind mike is jason hardin with a 26.3 pts/round average - also playing ABDG Glow 2013.

Jason "Rage" morton & aaron walker also making the ABDG Glow 2013 rounds work for them as well.

Get'n their winter GLOW ON - Nicely done guys.

19 mike albertson 53 2 26.5
9 jason hardin 79 3 26.33333333
10 Jason "Rage" morton 78 3 26
16 aaron walker 58 3 19.33333333
17 Grape Ape 56 3 18.66666667
18 Travis Towne 55 3 18.33333333
11 marshall d 73 4 18.25
19 troy RED JOHN 53 3 17.66666667
12 LUCKY 68 4 17
1 Rick Saffeels 167 10 16.7
13 Jonathan Long 64 4 16
3 AGRO JACKSON 127 8 15.875
7 - scottishrob - 95 6 15.83333333
14 RYAN ROWLEY 63 4 15.75
2 THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS 139 9 15.44444444
4 Jesse Walker 123 8 15.375
15 Jason "Rooster" Bruster 61 4 15.25
5 Erik Gyllenskog 116 8 14.5
8 Tiger Discs 94 7 13.42857143
6 Ira B 115 9 12.77777778

So overall to date here is the top twenty:

So with about three weeks left in the quest to be crowned Oregon Disc Golf League Winter Champion, the "Beast" is stacking the "Tiger" to make up a 59 point deficit. GAME ON! Erik Gyllenskog, - scottishrob - and Jesse Walker are not to far behind. Come on Winter Aces.....

All Leaderboards » Overall Points
Player Points Rounds
1 Rick Saffeels 348 20
3 Erik Gyllenskog 268 22
4 - scottishrob - 258 15
5 Jesse Walker 226 18
7 Tiger Discs 190 14
8 RYAN ROWLEY 174 11
9 aaron walker 171 11
10 Ira B 170 13
11 Chadwick - Acerbinky 168 10
12 marshall d 155 9
13 " LUCKY " 152 10
14 mike albertson 139 8
15 Mike Wilson 138 10
16 Dennis "Swami" Swanson 131 12
17 Jason "Rage" morton 125 7
18 Jonathan Long 124 7
19 bryan van fleet 120 7
20 Michael Schmidt 111 11

Get out and enjoy the Winter rounds. – Peace

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THE "BEAST" OF THE WOODS   February 6, 2014 at 2:59pm

I am very proud to be part of the OrCPS and am very excited to see how cooperative points series players learn about how fun it can be to join various leagues and meet many happy disc golf folks.