Sunday Snow Throwers 2013   December 30, 2013 at 4:00am

Dretzka brings all the boys (and 1 woman) to the yard!

We had another outstanding attendance this week despite the freezing drizzle this morning and icy rubber tee-pads. Not only did it drop from 40 yesterday to 20 for a high today but things also went from nearly perfect to pretty rough in 24 hours. However . . . we still managed to see 25 people for league this week and right now Dretzka seems to be the course that brings in the most people.

In Open we had 9 people this week with Mike Janowski (-3) winning this week and also extending his divisional lead in the absence of Paul Johnson and Bob Bawden. Taking second this week was a visitor from Memphis, TN, Tim Hartline . . .who I had the pleasure of playing with. He played solidly but he certainly seemed to get stronger the later in the round we went. They rarely get snow/ice in Memphis so this was fairly new to him but he still managed a (-2) for second place on a course he had only played once in the past in tough conditions. Taking third this week and moving up the divisional ladder is Joel Kamoske with (E).

In Intermediate we had 12 people this week and the young man who won Chaining in the New Year the day before Sean Puffer . . . also tied for the win in league this week with his (+2). Jeff Doebert also shot a (+2) to tie Sean and moves into 3rd place overall. Mike Wright maintained his position in the league by shooting (+3) and taking third to remain in second overall. Chad Niezgoda made a move with his (+4) this week also because Pat Brah was not at league this week. I moved down slightly to 4th place overall with my tie with Greg Klein at (+5) this week but Greg remains in the overall point lead for this league. Christopher Jante was a couple throws back at (+7) but he was able to hold on to the final funny money spot for this week.

In Recreational we saw Dan Gerick have an Intermediate caliber round of (+4) and he actually declared prior to league this week that once he played Winter Dretzka once he would move up . . . and he honored that comment for future SST weeks. He will not be competing in Intermediate and it looks like he will be in the hunt every week with his abilities at Dretzka in poor conditions coupled with his familiarity with Valley View. Taking second this week is David Whiteside at (+7) which also would have gotten some FM in Intermediate.

We also saw our first woman at Sunday Snow Throwers . . . I do always wish I could say I was able to provide a league platform for women to compete with each other . . . but it has always been a struggle to get more than an average of 1-2 women per week. I know JB will play in anything if her schedule allows so come on out ladies and compete in some winter disc golf in a more casual but still competitive setting that happens at my leagues.

Dan Gerick   December 29, 2013 at 11:54pm

looking forward to some intermediate play! great turnout for the weather today