Trevor Murphy  › Nightmare on Pine Lake   August 15 at 4:04pm

How does one pre register? is there a paypal?

"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue   August 15 at 4:28pm

I'm working on it, if you know what division and shirt size you need let me know and I'll sign you up.

"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue   August 15 at 4:32pm

Trevor, do you have the glow chains? Someone mentioned borrowing those for this (I don't care what we use either way, but they might be cool) how many sets do you have?

Trevor Murphy   August 21 at 12:52am

we have 9 sets youre more than welcome to use

"Cupcake" Kathleen Shue   August 21 at 11:05am

Ok thanks, I talked to Bob going to see if I can get three more sets, if not, we'll just use them on the longer holes and the glow necklaces on the shorter holes...