2013 CNYDGA Wednesday Night League   May 9, 2013 at 3:39pm

Week #4

Just when it looked like we'd only have 24 people, 7 showed up at the last minute despite the rain. Lucas West and Pat Hulle came out for their first night of league. It looked like it'd be a washout, but we only got a little light rain. A nice cool night for sure. The way the talent was distributed we just did A/B pool. Looking at the results, it seemed to work out fine. Laufer got the short end of the stick by being teamed up with the X-man with a hurting arm. All he said was, "at least I got a point".

31 showed and the top spots were:
Button/Buttman - 48 - 52$
A.Faes/Hoop - 52 - 26$
Jeff A./*D* - 52 - 26$
Salis"# 1 in points"bury/Nikki D - 52 - 26$
Gallagher (not the comedian that smashes fruit)/D.Bauer - 53 - 12$
Crowley/Hulle - 53 - 12$
Westy/Crippled Sivils - 54 - 10$

A pool is currently in dispute. I think I won, Jeff thought he won on hole #5. Unfortunately for him I took home 15$. Next time we're out there together we'll re-hash it and I'll pay up if he's right.

B pool on hole 10 was Dave Hartmann for 16$

Ace pool is up to 170$...starting to get juicy!

Top net money winners after their weekly 10$ fees are deducted are:
KC at 35$
Audra at 31$
Crowley and McCabe tied at 22$

Thanks everyone for coming out. The course really shows that it's getting used by good people. There was barely any trash out there. Keep bringing a bag when you're out there for casual rounds.

I won't be here next week, so look out for Meitus, he'll be running the show.