Fredrock Disc Golf   March 14, 2013 at 6:02am

Details of the upcoming season

Ok so here's some details of what's in store, anyone can chime in at any point if I have made a mistake:

-We will be playing Favorite Disc doubles, meaning that you don't have to choose one disc. If your partner likes his shot better than yours then he can throw from his disc and you can throw from your disc. Or you can throw from the same disc, it doesn't matter.
-If someone hits an Ace they will get half of the Ace pot. You can decide before the round starts to split it with your teammate, but again, that should be discussed before the round starts. If someone hits an Ace Me or Steve will assume it goes to the individual. (Pot is at $105)
-CTP will be semi-random. I'm going to designate like 5 different holes that are all reachable in one shot, (and interesting, not hole 1!), and then we will randomly draw each week. Again, this is an individual event.
-We will also have our own Fredrock Doubles league on discgolfscene to track local progress. This may morph into a mixed format league when Steve comes back. He showed interest in starting a singles Tuesday player meet.
-Here's the links to the 2 leagues [url][/url] and [url][/url]

Running a league through discgolfscene is new to me and Steve, so please bear with us and don't hesitate to suggest something!

If you're a dork like me and are curious as to how the point system works then continue reading, otherwise I recommend skipping this part!

Freestate Doubles is a state-wide point system for players in weekly doubles events. The point system works this way. Each player starts with 5 points per event. Additional points are added or subtracted based on strokes above or below the event average, rounded to the nearest .5. Five bonus points are awarded for first place and 25 bonus points for aces. For good measure, no player will be awarded less than one point per event.

You'll see more how the system works once we get a few rounds in. I will also be posting this on the other sites as well.

Geremy Gieryna   March 13, 2013 at 10:18pm

One other important thing I left out: The entry fee to play is $3. If there is an odd number of players, the odd player will be designated "Schitzo" and face a choice. The "Schitzo" player can opt to not put in any more money and throw 1 extra shot per hole or they can put in an ... more