Erie Disc Golf Club   February 29, 2012 at 4:43pm

A Change in Times

A lot of you can see, the club is going through changes. These changes are more like phases or layers. Like an onion, this club will grow multiple layers until it becomes a well rounded, mature, large club (totally stole that from Shrek). When the club opened, we had little to nothing to promise to people. Everyone wondered how long it would last. With a little confidence, participation and hope, the club has already started to grow.
The first layer was a building block for the rest of the club. We had to establish people we could rely on to be responsible for some part of the club’s success. There was a lot of research that took place. You can’t just throw things like this together before you know what you’re getting into. Then we needed a way to bring in revenue, but it was winter time!
The winter league was a great way to bring in some profit without getting in over our heads. Playing in the winter time really knocks a lot of players out of the picture. That was a smart move however. It allowed us to focus on areas that need work and more understanding. Running a league in the winter also gave us time to put the club together in other areas like getting a membership package together, creating a course proposal, searching out sponsors and investors.
We are now in a position where the winter league is ending and there is a two month gap between leagues. This is our time to raise money, so we will need everyone’s full participation. Most events will continue to be on Sundays, but will be shorter or longer depending on the event. The calendar schedule will be posted on Facebook and IT WILL BE POSTED THIS TIME. Prices for the summer league are going to vary as well. Our singles league will be a litter more expensive considering the competition level vs. the doubles league. Doubles league will be more relaxed and more of a “chill” time. Dates for the summer league are still being determined, but we would like there to be 20 rounds at five different courses. There will be course champions as well as overall league champions. More info will be posted. Get ready for an exciting summer, people. Let’s grow an onion!