Tampa Disc Slingers   April 1, 2011 at 5:53pm

Season 1 Begins

The Tampa Disc Slingers’ first season is now officially open for business. The competition is fired up and already have their minds set on playing in October for the championship. Failure is not an option. Here is the breakdown of the field:

#1 Vinny Piperato – Defending Champion. He returns with the same intensity and aggressive style. Vinny will attempt to clinch a playoff spot early in the season. This year, his competition will be a lot more challenging as new members join and current members improve. There is a lot of weight on his shoulder as he needs to prove that last year’s championship round was not a fluke.

#2 Dan Harvey – A man with a powerful arm and a powerful disc arsenal. He was able to discover his game towards the end of the season last year and hopes to carry that momentum over to the start of this season. Knowing Dan, he has been working on his weaknesses during the off season and will attempt to take the #1 spot early.

#3 Will Parson – He brings a graceful game comprised of accuracy and a disc arsenal that is capable of winning championships. Over the past few club events, Will has been able to keep his score down and under control. Can he continue the momentum and immediately apply pressure to the club’s elite?

#4 Joe Mangrum – The club’s best mid-range shooter. Joe has been able to hang around the top ranks just by having a great disc arsenal and a fantastic lay-up game. I’m sure that he has been working on making his putts and drives more consistent, which will end up making him a threat once more… just like he was early last year.

#5 Brandon Smith – Just misses the cut last year and was forced to participate in the championship as a spectator. He will not be looking to end up as a spectator this year. Brandon was on a roller coaster ride last year as he was able to capture trophies early, then began to fall off with a few bad games. He has been tweaking the game during the off season and looks to remedy last year’s derailment. Expect to see Brandon come out with a strong first half.

#6 Chris Sikes – He knows all about being one of the club’s elite members at one point in last year’s season, just to see himself struggle at the worst possible time and watch other members take the playoff spots right from beneath his feet. Chris will not be looking for a repeat of last year, but will have to sit for the month of April. He will probably get warmed up during the month of May and start capturing rank in June.

#7 Chris Meyer – The club’s best trick shooter. He knows about 20 different ways to throw a Frisbee and it shows when he’s out there on the course. Chris hasn’t had much exposure to the game yet, which seems to be the Achilles heel of his effort. After playing a few more rounds and beefing up the disc arsenal, he could easily become a threat.

#8 Victor Millar – The club’s strongest arm. He is looking for redemption as he will prove that he belongs with the elite members. Victor suffered last year by missing out on many opportunities to capture points and secure a playoff spot. He was able to take a silver in 2 tournaments last year, so who knows what might have happened if he was out there playing during every event. He will need to beef up the disc arsenal if he wants to compete with the best.

#9 Scott Artal – He has the disc arsenal to compete with the best. He possesses the strength to compete with the best. The only thing against him is a previous injury that has his throwing shoulder in need of some loosening up. With the proper motivation and dedication, Scott could easily shave a few strokes off of his average and compete for a spot in the playoffs. His start of the season is expected to be a little rough, but will he able to finish strong towards the end when it counts the most?

#10 Keith Sikes – He hasn’t been able to get out to the course as of late nor has he been exposed to the game that long. He does, however, possess a natural gift for lay-up shots and putting. In order for Keith to get into a playoff spot, he will need to beef up the arsenal and tweak the driving game that has been getting the best of him.

#11 Bryan Pieper – A new member that joins the ranks and gets prepared for the new season. Not much is known about Bryan at the moment except for one little tidbit of information… that he played in college and was rather good. His disc arsenal and ground game is currently unknown. The expectation is that he will immediately leapfrog into a top 8 position and hold on for dear life until October.

#12 Brian Smith – A new member that joins the ranks and gets prepared for the new season. Brian is new and fresh to the game, but hopes to get settled in quickly. Nothing is known about his disc arsenal or his throwing capability. Only time will tell if he will be found in the middle of the battle looking to secure a playoff spot.

#13 David Prince - A new member that joins the ranks and gets prepared for the new season. There is currently no confirmation as to whether Dave has played disc golf or not. He will have to build a disc arsenal and figure out the game quickly. Can he hit the ground running and keep up with the more experienced members?

#14 Greg Baker-fitzgerald - A new member that joins the ranks and gets prepared for the new season. Greg can only be introduced by his legend from other disc golfers... he is an immediate threat that can compete for the top spot in the club. Nothing is known about his disc arsenal, but his skill is said to be either on par or better than the club's defending champ. Members will need to keep their eyes on Greg once he makes his debut sometime soon.

#15 Adam Wojdakowski - A former Disc Slinger that has decided to rejoin the ranks and compete for the title. Adam has played before and states that he possesses the capability to compete with the club's elites. Rumor is that his disc arsenal is weakened and will need to beef it up a little, but his throwing power and accuracy make him a potential favorite for a spot in the post-season.

Many members will be attacking early as they take on Youth Park this Saturday. Points will immediately be rewarded and ranks will immediately be established. Prepare yourselves for the roller coaster of battles that we call Tampa Disc Slingers Season 1. Who will emerge champion? Will Vinny Piperato repeat? Will a different elite member be seen wearing the crown? Will a rookie come and steal victory from the veterans? We have to wait 7 months for the answer to reveal itself.