The Real Disc Golf League of the OC   June 15, 2012 at 4:41am

Yes, we remember how to write things... WEEK 5!

Hello all. Week 5 of our humble league has now come to an end. We would've wrote a summary of the last two weeks, but laziness and unpleasant run-ins with Pizza Hut took precidence. We had another good turnout for week 5, as 35 people decided they had nothing better to do on a Thursday night. Just kidding, as we all know disc golf is the best thing that has ever happened to Thursday night, or any other night for that matter! On to the results...

The open division was anything but open as Terry Miller slammed the door on the competition with a scorching -17, missing only hole 16 (wtf Terry lol). He also gave a very informative putting clinic that is sure to help scores of scores. Yup, I just said that! Kurt Ziarnik and Matt Horsman tied for second place with nice rounds of -11.

In the semi-pro division, Chris Hmielewiski led the way with a good round of -7. A four way tie at -6 followed, and quite honestly, my fingers don't have the vigor to type all of their names here. The leaderboard tab will tell you all you need to know about them!

The advanced division showed how advanced they really are with their stellar scores. Lucas Nuss had the division's hot round at -9, closely followed by Dave Swoboda (or is that Swanda lol) at -8 and Dan Bertzyk at -7. These guys are the future stars of the semi-pro division, so watch out!

As the women and juniors only have a combined four competitors, they merit only one sentence, Kayla Schweitzer and Sage Lau. Nuff Said! Oops thats two sentences. Wait, it grew to three with the explanation. Dangit, now we're at five!

Mercifully moving on, the ace pool was cleaned out by two guys on the same card, Matt Horsman and Mike Finley. They won a cool $35 each, not a bad payday for one throw! In the CTP's (courtesy of Terry Miller's Lifetime Disc Sports) Kayla Schweitzer won a sweet Metallic Flake Champion Gator, and Dustin Skorupinski and Mike Hopfensperger (I spelled that without looking, I swear) won nice Lecacy Clutch putters.

Next week will be TWO DISC NIGHT, so make sure you have your most primo pieces of plastic ready for this test of skill and versatility. A huge thanks to Terry Miller for his awesome contributions to this league, and thanks to all of you for showing up and making all of it possible. We joke around a little on here (maybe a lot) but it's all in good fun and we truly appreciate the support of this great disc golf community. See you next week!

-Scott and Gary