Jeff Kaluk  › Chris Hoyle   June 2, 2009 at 12:12am

Chris, thanks for coming out. I dont think you will be donating back after seeing your score. You'll have to bring a bunch of AM's to even it out, lol. Check with me on Friday just in case they pull the origonal course, we might have to cancel leagues if they do. Many players will also be at DGLO this weekend. I have turned away people the last 4 weeks but this week everyone was getting into the ace pool and we had not set up the caeds for the draw so we were off a little starting. We took in $126 extra dollars for the ace pool alone. The people that showed up late were people who have never come out before or for some crazy reason are not on the scene to know better. We cannot do a course CTP due to the "wonderful casuals" that grace the course. It will be gone, moved, or somthing. Once the new course is in and pay to play starts up we may be able to do it on the course.