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Rolling Hills County Park › July 5, 2015
Been meaning to play here for a while now and was not disappointed! $5 to play/$25 Annually (Ill gladly pony-up the $25!) Great Course, the most well maintained of any Ive ever played. Each Tee had a finished Tee Box, including Hole/Distance markings, PLUS a Garbage Can & a Broom to sweep the Boxes! A very challenging Course, but one youll love playing. Throw here, Rolling Hills is more than worth the price of admission!
BRATS › July 26, 2015
This Course is far from finished, let alone being anywhere close to Tournament ready. Almost all the Holes lack a sufficient Tee Pad. Most Holes are pooly marked... if marked at all. Ended up skipping 3-4 Holes due to confusion alone. Because of the Rain we have had this Year, there were a billion Mosquitoes, so bring your bug spray! The best part about this Course? The really nice Owner w/ some fun and friendly Dogs which add, what I believe to be, a very charming feel. This place has ...
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Deerfield ParkWildwood › June 29, 2015
Very cool Course. Although the layout is a bit confusing, the Course is well marked. Be aware though that ALL the Holes had a Long AND Short Tee. There are some really short Holes that were fun to play as well as challenging (for RHBH) left to right Holes through Trees. My biggest complaint was the Tee Boxes, although very nice, seemed short by a few feet, proving sketchy. You ALSO will have to pay to get in the Park itself, but the Course is definitely worth it! Loved it.
Goldenrod Disc Golf Course › June 11, 2014
This Course is a NIGHTMARE for Backhand Throwers, but for those who use primarily Forehand Throws, the layout definitely favors you. Im a Backhand Thrower, so I welcomed, and sometimes even thrived in, the challenge. The ONLY reason this Course didnt score an A- or above? MOSQUITOES! Even w/ Bug Spray, you are doomed! More Mossies than Ive EVER experienced on a Disc Golf Course. Just horrible... so be prepared!
Holly Woods › July 5, 2015
Nearly perfect! Of course the Tee Box Slabs could be cleaned off, especially this close to Tourney time, they are very slippery. Loved the fact that SOME Hole Posts had the Distance posted on them along w/ the Hole Number. Would be awesome to have them ALL be that way. Some tough, long, wooded Holes in the back that really could increase the scoring difficulty.
LakeshoreThe Ponds › July 5, 2015
Despite the long grass needing a desperate mowing, played half a Tournament here w/ 24+ Holes and really enjoyed the long open Holes. The short Holes proved even more challenging as they got creative w/ Basket placing on this former Ball Golf Course. The Disc Store 'The Throw Shop' was one of the better DGSs Ive been in, DEFINITELY worth checking out!
Cass Benton Hills › May 18, 2013
LOVE this place! This is my 'Home' Course and one of the very reasons I fell in love w/ Disc Golf.