Brent Prudich

West Virginia, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

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The GrangeMain course › April 2, 2015
The GrangeCourse 2 › April 2, 2015
The GrangeTiki course › April 2, 2015
Walnut Creek Park › April 2, 2015
Liberty University › April 2, 2015
On the team, course is just a mess. Could be a lot better.
Elk Creek › April 2, 2015
Hornets Nest Park › January 23, 2014
Robert Caldwell Bradford Park › January 23, 2014
Winget Park › July 27, 2013
Loved it all the technicality it was wonderful it isn't hard but not easy. It's short so if you are going to play a quick round it's the perfect course.
Trophy Lakes › July 27, 2013
Didn't like it. Love disc golf and all usually always enjoy playing but I didn't have fun today it was just poor hole placement right beside water. Too easy to lose discs just didn't have a great day. The good thing was it was challenging. Another bad thing is it's $5 per person. I have played tons better courses for free.
Bradley Center › May 3, 2013
It was ok tees aren't great and it isnt easy to find the holes but other than that it was ok
Winthrop UniversityLakefront › July 27, 2013
It is a really nice course, not too hard it was a great time the first time I went I hope to go back.
Rankin Lake › April 3, 2013
It is pretty nice holes 1-9 more open while 10-18 are wooded and some holes are hard to find on your first time there
Elon ParkMain course › February 19, 2013
Indian Rock › February 19, 2013
Personally I loved this course it wasn't easy but I liked the Difficulty alot of mountainous shots if you miss a shot it could turm from pssible par to a double bogey easily.
Rotary Park › February 21, 2013
Little Creek Park › January 23, 2014
Redeemer Park › May 3, 2013
Pretty Nice. It is very hilly and mountainousish and has alot of uphill shots mostly everything is par 3 and some holes are harder than others but in all a very great course made by Steven Koespel.