Rick Saffeels

Oregon, USA Righty - Backhand and forehand

Rick's videos

Amped Wide Open: Part 3 Presented by Cherrybomm
This is just a recap of a few videos taken by a caddie and some pictures from Craig Nielsen. Soumalay Douangmala, CEO of Cherrybomm Disc Golf LLC., ...
2014-2015 Stumptown Slosh #3 Video Cred - Jeremy Fancher
2014-2015 Stumptown Slosh #3 Front 9 Feat. Rick Saffeels Zach Murphy Edward Florance Ryan Flattery
2014-2015 Stumptown Slosh #3 Back 9
Continued coverage of the first round with Rick Safeels, Zach Murphy, Edward Florance and Ryan Flattery at North Bonneville for the Slosh #3 End of ...
Rick Saffeels "What's in My Bag" {Locals Route}
Rick Saffeels, Professional disc golfer for Team CherryBomm, Disc Golf Nation, Locals Route, and Break the Chain.
How to Flippin' Putt.
1. Find a disc. 2. Find a disc golf course around trees. 3. Land disc close that tree near a basket. 4. Position self toward basket. 5. Flip backw...
Canyonview Promo - Disc Golf, Day Camp, Paintball
www.canyonviewministries.org - Canyonview Camp and all our information is at our website! Check us out and play our course! $3-$5 Suggested donation. ...