Tara St. Aubin  › Lakeshore   July 24 at 11:44pm

Lost my Orange Star Vulcan on Hole 13, it was thirsty :( please return if retrieved....

Steve Jones   July 26 at 12:01am

did it have glow tape on it?

Tara St. Aubin   July 26 at 10:13am

yes! did you get it?

Steve Jones   July 26 at 1:46pm

yessir! im playing a doubles tourney at hudson mills tomorrow if you wanna meet up there?

Tara St. Aubin   July 26 at 8:23pm

Awesome thank you I won't be around Hudson tomorrow do u ever play Vienna park?

Steve Jones   July 27 at 7:26am

no sorry lol how often do u play lakeshore?

Tara St. Aubin   July 27 at 11:52am

Could you give it to Gary Whitehouse. He is playing in the doubles tourney. I will see him on Saturday. Thanks so much for returning it!

Tara St. Aubin   July 27 at 5:32pm

Or Mark Kruse. Thanks again!

Steve Jones   July 27 at 10:32pm

crap sorry i just checked this website after the tournament any other ideas??

Tara St. Aubin   July 28 at 3:21pm

You could also give it to Wade Calvert, he goes down to Vienna all the time. He runs Williow Sunday league 2:30

Steve Jones   July 28 at 4:26pm

ok man ill see what i can do and let you know!

Tara St. Aubin   July 29 at 11:36pm

You could also give it to Abby Calhoun if you dont see Wade, she will get it back to me, thanks again!

Tara St. Aubin   July 30 at 2:11pm

Could you turn it in to the throw shop at Lakeshore and I'll have Voss pick it up, he is coming done to Vienna this weekend.

Steve Jones   July 30 at 7:29pm

ya no problem man

Tara St. Aubin   August 1 at 5:27pm

Let me know when you drop it off and I've find someone to grab it for me. Thanks again!

Tara St. Aubin   August 3 at 10:44pm

Would love to have it back before States

Steve Jones   August 4 at 11:52am

ill have it dropped off today sorry for the wait!

Ben Calhoun   August 4 at 5:05pm

It is here

Tara St. Aubin   August 7 at 11:51pm

Thanks guys, greatly appreciate it's return. :)