Keith Aten  › Nathan Eurick   June 17 at 7:48am


Nathan Eurick   June 17 at 9:04am

thanks buddy

Swami Jerry Swain   June 17 at 10:52am

Hey Nate, my parents live in Saginaw and I'm coming up there next month, maybe we can hookup and you can show me all the local routes! LOL Let me know if you need anything from the IDGC, I live 20 minutes away from it.

Nathan Eurick   June 17 at 11:36am

I would love to, but next month im having a back surgery and I really cant do anything for 4 to 6 months..

Nathan Eurick   June 17 at 2:12pm

what IDGC is ?

Swami Jerry Swain   July 5 at 9:36pm

WOW my brother just had the same thing done a couple of days ago. I'm picking him up in Pittsburgh and bringing him to Saginaw too. We should be getting in town on the 10th or 11th. Are you playing in the Midland Open Day tourney?

Swami Jerry Swain   July 5 at 9:37pm

Oh the IDGC is the International Disc Golf Center

Nathan Eurick   July 7 at 8:27pm

I had surgery last wed so I couldn't play for while. I cant drive for 2 weeks.