Zachary L. Mitchell  › Lakeshore   May 27 at 5:41am

I found 2 discs Sunday on the course. If it's yours let me know what disc and color.

PAAAAAUUUUULL Novak   May 27 at 9:32am

tye dye buzz on hole E?

Zachary L. Mitchell   May 27 at 10:22am

nope sorry.

Mark Kassabian   May 27 at 10:31am

Orange firebird

Jeff "Hep-A-Ler" Hepler   May 27 at 10:53am

superglow wizard

Bernard Milliner   May 27 at 11:53am

Glow tee Bird

Chris Kerns   May 27 at 4:35pm

Red 1st run drone?

Zachary L. Mitchell   May 28 at 10:23am

nope none of those. Sorry guys