Jake Wood  › Capital City Renegades   March 7 at 3:14pm

Found an unmarked banshee from glow (light still on it) on 8 and purple 10yr. marked Jeremy Kemp on 11. Hmu to get these back.

Matt Rinker   March 7 at 4:13pm

Banshee belongs to Justin Standish

Michael Wagner   March 11 at 11:14am

Jake I found your katana on hole one at Burchfield

Matt Rinker   March 11 at 11:15am

Bring it to putting and I'll get it to him.

Jake Wood   March 11 at 4:56pm

? Katana? Are you sure its mine?

Matt Rinker   March 11 at 9:09pm

Who are you kidding?? You are the King of Katanas!

Jake Wood   March 11 at 10:00pm

Only because of my high comparability to ninjas, rather than disc skills per se....

Matt Rinker   March 11 at 10:10pm

Yeah. That's kinda what I meant.