Lawrence Leonardi  ›   January 5, 2014 at 2:51pm

Just thought you all should know we are having a fairly busy schedule this year! This will be consisting of 7 PDGA sanctioned events here in Michigan with an additional two possible in Indiana and One in Illinois.

We will also be hosting a number of clinics throughout the year from putting to driving to decision making.

It is likely we will once again be hosting a Discraft ace race in Bridgman and may even host a birdie bash or two. These will have more side games and prizes associated then in the past.

Most notably I thought you all might be interested in our clinic and Temp course event (Temporary Insanity II) that we will be hosting at Benton Charter Twp (Riverside Park) listed on here and google as Benton Park. in October. This will allow people that don't want to sign up for the PDGA this year to sign up at the event and have thier membership good for all of 2015.

Check out our disc golf scene site for additions and changes to the calendar If you have any additional questions please contact me. Looking forward for another great year and fun leagues at Flaherty Park with ya'll!

Dave Brunsting   January 5, 2014 at 4:18pm

That's great to hear about Riverside. I, for one, will be keeping an eye out for that event. I tried contacting Benton Township a while back about putting a permanent course in there and got zero response (seems to be a trend lately). Have you had any luck?

Lawrence Leonardi   January 7, 2014 at 11:14pm

Yea, Debbie Boothby has given the go ahead for the event and depending on how the event goes she said may determine the likelihood of a permanent course. If you are getting out to talk with park districts or schools about putting in courses let me know I would be more then happy to assist!.