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Recent Scores

75  +17 Long Tees, 18 holes Dave Hartmann
Widener Park
Scottsville, Town of Chili, NY, USA
50  -7 Original 18 Shorts, 18 holes Brad Fuelling
Belle Isle DGC
Detroit, MI, USA
53  -1 Long tees, 18 holes Jerry A.
Eagle Valley at USI
Evansville, IN, USA
65  -7 Regular tees, 24 holes Sam Mrdeza
Hickory Hills
Traverse City, MI, USA
66  -6 Beauty Regular tees, 24 holes Colin Irwin
Mason County Park
Ludington, MI, USA
88  +16 Pro tees, 24 holes Nick Sima
Flip City
Shelby, MI, USA
71  -1 Regular tees, 24 holes Kevin Boynton
Lincoln Park
Charlotte, MI, USA
59  +5 Black Locust Short tees, 18 holes Robert Wagner
Kensington Metropark
Milford, MI, USA
24  -3 Short tees, 9 holes Benjamin Pierce
Water Works Park
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
44  -10 Regular tees, 18 holes Sherman Mowery
Old Farm Park
Grand Rapids (Kentwood), MI, USA
53  -1 Short tees, 18 holes Joel Cook
Oshtemo Township Park
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
53  -1 Short tees, 18 holes Dave Lassen
Willow Metropark
Willow, MI, USA
65  +11 Short tees, 18 holes Donnie Tarver
Oshtemo Township Park
Kalamazoo, MI, USA
88  +7 Short 1 and 2, 27 long, 27 holes Tyler Hanlon
Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI, USA
57  E Regular tees, 18 holes Floyd Sherrod
McCurry Park
Fayetteville, GA, USA
45  -9 Long tees, 18 holes Steven Cain
Lions Park
Shakopee, MN, USA
58  +3 Blue tees, 18 holes scott Champion
Pioneer Trail Park
Escanaba, MI, USA
54  E Long tees, 18 holes Warren Nuckols III
Mae Simmons Park
Lubbock, TX, USA
49  -5 Short tees, 18 holes Matt Hill
Portage Lakes DGC
Akron, OH, USA
109  +28 All 27, long tees, 27 holes David Tomlinson
Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI, USA
62  +8 Regular tees, 18 holes Matt Smith
Hudson Springs Park
Hudson, OH, USA
74  E Regular Tees-24 holes-Long 16, 24 holes David LaPorte
Tittabawassee Park
Freeland, MI, USA
96  +12 The Ponds Short tees, 28 holes David P
Ypsilanti, MI, USA
22  -5 Extended Pro tees, 9 holes Tim "Skip" Becker
Rockwood Central Park
Gresham, OR, USA
57  +3 Short tees, 18 holes Travis Prien
Deerwood Park
Evansdale, IA, USA
76  +3 Long + 6 Temps, 24 holes Patrick Treude
Sandy Hollow
Barrie, ON, Canada
68  -4 Short tees, 24 holes Douglas Simon
Arboretum-Spiker Park
Canton, OH, USA
75  +10 Gold Tees, 18 holes Robin WW
Slippery Rock University
Slippery Rock, PA, USA
49  -5 Regular tees 2x, 18 holes Tom Bateman
Heritage Park
Grandville, MI, USA
64  +10 Short tees, 18 holes Tony Z
Schenley Park
Pittsburgh, PA, USA
54  -4 Regular tees, 18 holes Hayden Miedema
Cascade Township Park
Cascade Township, MI, USA
56  +2 Regular tees, 18 holes Brian S
Pinecrest Park
Howard, WI, USA
50  -4 Regular tees 2x, 18 holes Jamie Vincent
Al Quaal Recreation Area
Ishpeming, MI, USA
52  -2 2012 Shorts, 18 holes Henry Theodoroff
Stony Creek Metropark
Shelby Township, MI, USA
27  E Regular tees, 9 holes Carly Rae
Herbert Hoover Park
Newberg, OR, USA
62  +5 Regular tees, 18 holes Joel Schout
Macatawa Greenspace
Holland, MI, USA
47  -7 Regular tees, 18 holes Jeremy "Unit" Sines
Grizzly Acres
Sandy, OR, USA
51  -3 Short tees, 18 holes David O'Meara
Grandview Park
Des Moines, IA, USA
62  +6 18 Hole Regular tees, 18 holes Rich BigTrain Lang
Three Island Crossing State Park
Glenns Ferry, ID, USA
52  -4 Regular tees, 18 holes Ivan Larsen
Reed Park
North Star, MI, USA

Recent Aces

$45 B. J. Reiher
Hole 5 at Deer Lakes Park
Tarentum, PA, USA
Matt Hill
Hole 1 at Portage Lakes DGC
Akron, OH, USA
Ryan Wille
Hole 3 at City Park
Iron Mountain, MI, USA
Jake Grill
Hole 14 at Miniwaukan Park
Mukwonago, WI, USA
$1 Bryan Earvin
Hole 6 at Earl W. Brewer Park
Grand Rapids, MI, USA
$20 Jason Kirkaldy
Hole 2 at Hippodrome
North Augusta, SC, USA
Nate Humphrey
Hole 1 at Leviathan
Ludington, MI, USA
Rick Little
Hole 2 at Garbage Hill
Traverse City, MI, USA
$98 bo buss
Hole 9 at Henderson Lake Nature Center
Montague, MI, USA
$65 Blade Buchholz
Hole 8 at Parmalee Park
Lambertville, MI, USA
Adam Dahlgren
Hole 9 at Cold Brook Park
Climax, MI, USA
John "NACHO" Norkowski
Hole 6 at Deerfield Park
Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA
Ian Sepkovic
Hole 6 at Westmoreland
Eugene, OR, USA
Roberto Santiago
Hole 6 at Fairmont Park
Manhattan, KS, USA
$73 Kevin Gillhespy
Hole 14 at City Park
Iron Mountain, MI, USA
$32 Matt Schlabach
Hole 16 at Eastern Avenue Park
Davenport, IA, USA
Derek Messer
Hole 4 at Sunnyside Park
New Hope, MN, USA
Tim Zoda
Hole 17 at Kenai Eagle
Kenai, AK, USA
Daniel York
Hole 7 at Parmalee Park
Lambertville, MI, USA
Doug Royal
Hole 1 at Kincaid Park
Anchorage, AK, USA
$7 Andy Severson
Hole 8 at Hilltop DGC
Anchorage, AK, USA
$7 Andrew Revis
Hole 7 at Hilltop DGC
Anchorage, AK, USA