Ann Arbor Disc Induced Sports Club   December 22, 2013 at 9:21pm

update on Merchandise options

1) for those of you who are interested in any Heisenberg Cranks, CJ's didn't get any nor did A3. I on the other bought a few i currently have 18 left. First come first served $20 each to me lol.

2) Additionally we are looking at ordering some plastic before winter warmer is up so here is your chance to request Discraft discs in the weight you would like. no huge rush we can't place the order till next year anyways.

3) We will be ordering some GLOW Zones from the MDGO which will only be available to MDGO clubs like A3, here is your chance to pre order them in advance, can be bought in payouts or cash, should be available at the Gulch Winter Warmer event. If you have an interest in them or several of them post here ASAP as we have to place the order by 123013! i think they will be selling for $25 - $25 not sure until we get the cost.

Let me know on any of the above interests PM'ing would be best or email or TEXT if i do not have your phone number make sure you identify yourself please in Texts.

Thanks all

Merry XMAS and a happy new year and if i don't see you before then a happy new year.

John Reifschneider   December 23, 2013 at 2:08am

The Glo Zones won't be available til Feb 2nd and will be Available for $20 limited quantity. If you interested speak up before jan. 1st when the order must be completed.