ROGUE RIDER  › Flip City   December 4 at 11:32pm

OH MY ROD!!! ill be honest ive never been interested in going to Michigan <except to surf the great lakes> ...until I started disc golfing! this is a private course? amazing! only 2475miles away!

John Reifschneider   December 5 at 2:01am

The guy built an amazing course, it is more semi-private, it's on private property so it should be treated as such but it is amazing and all are welcome, i consider it a drive and it's like a 2 hr drive but you win by far!

Brandon Schmuker   December 5 at 3:29pm

Michigan is a pretty awesome disc golf state.

brent moreno   December 5 at 5:49pm

^^^^^^ sure is ^^^^^^ and if u finishes the gem flip than drive another 1/2 hr up the freeway and play mason county

Adam Geise   December 7 at 2:11am

yeah Mason County is alright. ;O)

John Reifschneider   December 7 at 12:16pm

Lol ya just fine, Adam is impartial when it's your home courses it spoils you.