Josh Carroll  › K-State Disc Golf Club   October 31 at 1:59pm


Josh Carroll   October 31 at 2:01pm

Bottom-stamped Star Destroyer (from me) and 5 Free Donut coupons (Varsity Donuts)

Rick Petrie   October 31 at 7:20pm

I may not be able to attend, but I've got some prize stuff to donate. Who should I make arrangements for drop off?

Travis Bailey   October 31 at 8:19pm

Rick, it would be best to drop by practice tomorrow at 5:30 if you could? That way we could also talk layout. If not, feel free to drop stuff by my house. 1834 Platt St

Rick Petrie   October 31 at 8:41pm

I'll be in Bramlage watching K-State basketball games tomorrow night (rare double header). How's Sunday looking for you?

Travis Bailey   October 31 at 8:48pm

Sunday I'll be home from 3-5, or I can meet you somewhere. Let me know!

Mark Kewley   November 1 at 9:41pm

I'll pitch in. Maybe the K-State club can meet us at Warner at 3:30 to move baskets this month and we can hook you up.

Mark Kewley   November 1 at 9:48pm

3:30 Sunday :)

Travis Bailey   November 2 at 1:39pm

I'll be there Mark!

Rick Petrie   November 3 at 2:48pm

I'll be donating a couple discs, one purple and one white... 1 Purple Discraft Buzzz and 1 White Legacy Cannon (wabash cannon?)

Rick Petrie   November 3 at 3:01pm

The wife and I will also be donating 2 K-State Basketball tickets for their game on Nov. 13th. Look for a special sign-up for a chance at these... (to make sure they go to someone who will use them).