Dallas Trower  › Rick Saffeels   October 19 at 9:15pm

Congrats on the win man. but comeon no one posts acerace holes as real aces.

Rick Saffeels   October 20 at 2:45am

once I put up the scores, it went up, it's not that cool, so I'm trying to get them off :)

ROGUE RIDER   October 21 at 10:11pm

LMFAO...thats comin from a guy who post "ThROWER ACES" does it realy count if its the 5th or the 20th disc throwen from the t-pad? thats like me saying to monitor what you post

ROGUE RIDER   October 21 at 10:14pm

much love Dallas... let me ask: how many of your 40ish aces were 1st throw from the pad?

Dallas Trower   October 21 at 10:24pm

not sure i would have to actually go threw them and count. but ive never posted an 80 ft downhill putt as an ace. nor have i ever posted any acerace aces, besides i guess the spacerace aces but those are actual holes on the course not temp holes.

Dallas Trower   October 21 at 10:27pm

okay i went through and counted and 27 of them are first throw.

ROGUE RIDER   October 21 at 10:43pm

dam son LEGIT