Fred Vocino  › Sunnybrook   September 9 at 1:06am

I put one in the drink on hole 4...a purple ti Nuke SS. Does anyone at the course do a periodic dredge of the critical points on the stream? I drove from Grand Rapids to loose my main driver, but I may be back near Sunnybrook next weekend.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   September 9 at 4:48am

I usually do the fishing out there I think weather should be good enough I can go for a dip. I'll call and make sure they know. thing is if you went in anywhere from 50 ft short of the basket to the basket it's pretty much a done deal. it is over 8 feet deep there in a ridge I've tried to get down there with a mask and I can't see anything . but ill try

Fred Vocino   September 9 at 11:33am

That sounds like a hazzard. Don't do more than your usual fishing. That would be appreciated, no matter the outcome. I'm surprised the management doesn't do something on a regular basis; the bottom must look like an Easter basket.

Fred Vocino   September 9 at 11:53am

Thanks again...using the long tee pic on DGS, I think it went in about half way between the basket and the bridge. If thats the hopeless spot, then stay dry. Its the thought that counts.

Brandon"RedRum" Redmond   September 9 at 10:03pm

wait I was thinking hole 5 not 4. if you're where you say it is a possibility. I haven't found less tban 30 the 4 times I've gone lol. I will call them tomorrow and see about hwading out Wednesday during the day. as long as there is a name and or number I always return

Fred Vocino   September 10 at 11:20am

30 per swim...I can believe that for hole 4. As for hole 5- being new and alone, I was driving from the short ball tees. I hyzer skipped off the basket top, clear over the water. Months of less fortunate shots there suggest the presence of much plastic. Try to get some buds to join a recovery crew. Llike me, people will reward the effort.