Travelling Thursday Throwdown   August 23, 2013 at 12:21am

Another Record Attendance and $1000 mark for TDGE

We had 11 people tonight to beat the previous high attendance of 10. This also happened to be the night where I have raised over $1000 for the GLDGC and other affiliated courses (like Valley view and Miniwaukan). That means people have attended my leagues since I started The Disc Golf Experience with a fall glow league. I am proud to have had that sort of impact in the local scene. Some of those funds have been spent . . . some have not . . . so keep your eyes open on the local courses for improvements that my league attendees have helped contribute to . . . while I execute some projects with their contributions.

In Open we had two players tonight with Scott Slauson throwing the lowest Singles Round I have heard of (-8). Scott vaults into the Open lead with his 3 points . . .there may not even be a trophy if we don't hit 20 rounds played . . . but the person who comes the most weeks will walk away with something for their attendance.

In Intermediate we had another week of 5 players. Dustin Skorupinski came over after the Abendschein league ended last week to shoot the hot round (-4). Greg Klein ended up in second on the night with another solid round of (-2). Chad Niezgoda and I tied with (-1) to split the last of the funny money. I would expect that 2 trophies will be awarded for Intermediate . . . but it depends on how many people show up for the next two weeks at Valley View.

In Recreational we saw Dan Bertzyk (+4) extend his lead in the lead in the division. Shaun Kirchner had a (+6) to also advance his lead over 3rd place. Depending on how many people come the next two weeks at Valley View. . . there may be 2 trophies awarded for this division. It will be a tight race between Troy and Shaun at this point.

Unfortunately . . . Cassandra Brah hurt herself tonight so she was unable to finish her round due to falling in a hole at the end of #13 tee. Heal up quickly Cassandra!!!

I have already contacted Robin . . . the course contact . . .and mentioned the issue to him. He said he plans to fill in the hole in front of #13 (as well as the hole near #18 tee where the tee-sign was originally) with soil so noone else tweaks an ankle or their back.

I have also discussed a donation of a few hand tools to help him in his maintenance of the new course. I also will plan to go out there in the coming weeks to install some traffic bond underneath the middle of the teepads so that the water and eroded soil end up in the middle of the teepads. They were all slick and dangerous tonight . . . I honestly would have rather thrown from a stand-still on the bare soil than on those slick tee-pads. They were only meant to be temporary . . . until concrete is used to finish the teepads . . . but if they can be better, I would like to make them better.