Alpha Players Disc Golf League   August 4 at 4:08pm

And here we are again

Well it was a good week out on the links, some of us were there, some we not. Our CTP winner this week was Mr. Corey Alberda, he won $14, congrats to you sir. Well I almost saw an ace today, Scott McCormick drove 18 and skipped his disc into the pole. A little higher and he would have got it, better luck next time to you all. Now a little serious item, it has been brought to my attention that a couple of you are concerned with what happens to the league money. I will break it down briefly for you all. After the disc were bought, I got the first place trophies, now these were a little more expensive this year as they are not the normal items. I still have to get the second place trophies and because of what I got for 1st place these will most likely be 8x10. I need 4 of these at about $15 to $20 each. Now the rest of the money will go for the end of season picnic/lunch. Please remember the league fund only goes up $1 per person per week. If in the future you have questions please feel free to ask, I will not get upset with anyone who just wants to make sure the league is run fairly.

Next week we will be at JC, see you there.



Robert Duck   August 9 at 10:48am

I will be at Old Farm 8:00am to 9:00 am arrival - we will be having a crew out there working on 4 tee pads at once. This will be extremly hard to do and keep watchful eye on on the cement so we have no more vandalizum. I am asking anyone from league or the Disc Golf Community to stop by Old Farm Sunday afternoon and help keep people off the cement until its dry.